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Ask Louise | Schooling for 16+ in Dubai

ask louiseQuestionHi Louise, We are moving from Ontario, Canada to Mirdiff, Dubai in the near future.
My main concern is my son who is 16 years old is going into grade 11.  How do we go about finding him a school?  I would like a school close to Mirdiff.  Hoping school mates would be living near us as well.  Friends at this age is important.  His career goals at this moment are: Culinary/Hospitality, Police, Carpenter (he has quite the range).  He is also a defenceman for football, rugby and hocky player. (mind you he can’t do sports until March 2015 as he just went through an ACL replacement).
He’s had a rough year with friends. His friends have been on drugs and therefore he hasn’t had any friends for about a year due to this. He is against drugs and finds it extremely frustrating when he hangs out with them.  As a parent, I’m hoping this change will bring him to meet good friends.  Once I get him settled in a good school and he starts making friends I will be one happy mom.

AnswerThank you for sending in your question.
The nearest school for you to consider would be Deira International School who offer an IB Curriculum.  The schools actually located in Mirdif do not offer education for his age.  Deira International School is a very international school and offers a good range of sports.  Other schools to consider would be Universal American School – offering an American Curriculum and GEMS Wellington Silicon Oasis which is offering the IB Curriculum plus it has a new Sports Academy offering special sports programmes.

Please also note that due to his age most schools would be considering him for year 12 so you would need to check that with the schools.
Please click here for our list of schools and a map to show where the schools are located plus here for the age comparison chart and description of the curriculum’s offered in Dubai.

I hope this is of help to you.

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