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Ask Louise | Schools & Accommodation

ask louiseQuestionHello I am hoping you can help me. I am looking at taking a position with a major company near the Jumeirah beach, alas at the moment I don’t know the slightest thing about where too start with the general life things. I am married and have a seven year old child, who is fluent in both English and French. I am unsure if I will be given accommodation or not. Assuming I don’t get accommodation, where would be a good place to rent (I don’t mind commuting and would prefer my wife and daughter to be in a good area, near a good school). Next, what sort of school is good. My wife is concerned about crime and things for each of us to do. My list could be endless as you can imagine, I am just hoping for advice and general ideas.  Many thanks in advance.

AnswerThe first place to ideally start is getting your child into a school as this is the most difficult task however, as your daughter is fortunate enough to speak both French and English she can apply to both the French Curriculum schools and the English Curriculum.   Please see the School Directory for names and contact details of these schools to enquire directly with regards to availability.  Many acquaintances for your wife will be made through the school your child goes to however this maybe more difficult if your wife does not speak French and you opt to sent your child to the French school.  Safety is not an issue in Dubai as it is a very safe city however, your wife may feel happier living in one of the secured communities such as Arabian Ranches, Meadows, Lakes, Springs, The Villa (dependent of budget).  Jumeirah/Umm Sequim are great places to live but not so many secured compounds. Take a look at our Community Guides for more information.   For things to do the list is endless.  Dubai is a very sporty town and also a great city to take up a new sport.  Many ladies play tennis, golf, sail, run.  Their is an abundance of fitness classes as well as arts and crafts.  However, maybe your wife would also like to work and that is also possible too.  My first recommendation would be to find a school place then check your budget for housing to determine where you can afford to live.

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