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Ask Louise – Single Lifestyle in Dubai

ask louiseQuestionI am a 51 year old single female contemplating finding a job in Dubai. I am trying to research as much as possible through the links the recruitment agency sent me.

I just wondered what the lifestyle would be like for a single female in my age group in Dubai or if it is predominantly a family oriented environment.
How easy it is to commute if you don’t have a car?

From a website I viewed at the weekend, it suggested that it is a 6 day working week, about 12 hours a day. Is that accurate?

Any info you could provide me would be gratefully received.

AnswerDubai is not just for families there are many single people working out here especially after the financial crisis of 2008 when many companies favoured hiring single people due to it being more cost effective (ie not having to pay for bigger housing, school fees etc).  As far as commuting it is definitely easier having a car and both cars and petrol are much cheaper than back home but it is not impossible to live without one as there is now a very good metro system and local taxis are very reasonably priced. I would first out find out where your office will be located before making that decision as the metro does not link up all areas of the city and in the summer it can be a very hot walk from the metro to your place of work.

Not all companies have a 6 day working week – many companies work Sunday – Thursday with Friday and Saturday off.


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