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Ask Louise – Teaching Jobs in Dubai

ask louiseQuestionWe are just looking into the possibility of moving into Dubai, and before we do that, I need to know how feasible it is. My husband is a newly qualified teacher in Australia, with ESL/teaching experience from Japan (he is American with Australian residency). We are hoping to move to Dubai with our son who will be 2 in September 2013.

Is it possible to move to Dubai with only 1 person working? Will the school provide a 2 bedroom apt? I am looking at substitute teaching maybe 1 -2 days a week, but we want to arrange his work first. I am also qualified to teacher, but wish to stay home with my son.

Any advice on this would be great, from school, best places to raise a young child etc…

AnswerYes, it is possible to move to Dubai with only 1 person working as long as your husband will be earning no less than  AED 3000 + accommodation or AED 4000.  You will have to check with the school whether they will provide the accommodation as some may just provide an allowance.  If you are a qualified
teacher you will also be able to get plenty of supply work.  I would suggest you look at publications such as TES for teaching jobs as jobs on this site will often offer the whole package ie salary, flights, accommodation.  Only when you know what your package will be can you start looking at accommodation options.

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