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Ask Louise | Termination Letter

ask louiseQuestionWe are a family of 5 living in the same villa for the last 3 years. Last year my landlord offered to sell us the villa we are currently in, therefore I accepted to sign a contract with an increase above RERA level as well as a rent termination provision mid 2015. Afterwards the guy changed his mind and decided not to sell the property anymore. We are currently negotiating the renewal and I do not want to commit to vacating the property mid 2015 but the landlord does not agree. Needless to say that he would be OK with a 20% increase + another 12% in 2 years. I am thinking to go to RERA but I am wondering what would be their view?

For this question I asked our experts at 1Step Properties who answered the following:
It all depends how was the termination letter sent to you? Was it sent as requested by official courier or notary stamped? In the letter was it indicated the reason why he wanted the tenant to move out?
If it is not the case, then the eviction letter is not valid and they can stay in the villa with an increase according to the RERA index.
If it is the case and everything was sent according by the law then you have one year from receiving this letter to move out of the property and the fact that the landlord agreed to sell  the property to you cannot be used as nothing was signed or paid.
But, if the letter was sent with all indication BUT the landlord is not selling or using the property for himself as indicated in the law then you can stay in the property and the increase should be according to RERA website as these conditions are the only one to be used to ask a tenant to leave a property.

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