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Ask Louise | Termination of Contract

ask louiseQuestionI have a question regarding the Termination of a Contract.  I understand that the landlord needs to give 12 months notice through registered mail or Notary Public however, I would like to know when this 12 months notice commences- is it on renewal of your contract or anytime you receive the official notice? 

AnswerThe correct understanding and application of this Article of the law, is that the Landlord may demand eviction at any time, provided that he complies by giving requisite reasons as per the Law AND he serves the notice giving no less than 12 months to the Tenant. The Notice shall take effect 12 months from the date is it received and can be served at any time on the Tenant. The Landlord must provide one of the reasons specified in Article 25 for eviction under subsection 2 (a)-(d).

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