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Ask Louise | Which Car Should I buy in Dubai

ask louiseQuestionHi Louise, we’re moving to Dubai in 2 weeks and I need to buy a car, I’d love to know if you have any advice for me. I have 2 daughters, 8 and 6, and we’d like something small-medium sized that will stand out in a car park, something fun yet safe. We were thinking of a convertible but not sure it’s a good idea in the heat. Any recommendations would be gratefully received! Thank you.

AnswerA Convertible would be lovely for a couple of months of the year but really the rest of the year you will jump into the car and put the air-conditioning on full blast!  Even though you are just arriving it is worth thinking about the re-sale of your car and the most popular makes of car for re-sale include Toyota, BMW, Nissan and Ford.

I would also recommend if possible going for a car with a bit of height to give you a good view all around.  You will find that when you hit the roads  a lot of the cars are big Land Cruisers, Patrols and even quite a few Hummers so if you are in a small saloon you may feel a bit vulnerable.  Consider Toyota FJ Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler, Honda CRV, Range Rover Evoque, Ford Explorer/Edge.  Unfortunately, none of these will stand out in the car park as loads of people have them and some of the car parks (especially Dubai Mall) are huge!

2 Responses to “Ask Louise | Which Car Should I buy in Dubai”

  1. Thank you for your speedy response Louise, and valuable advice on cars. I’m not looking forward to driving there, so to feel safe and higher up would definitely be an advantage.
    I’ll have a look at your posts on where to buy second-hand cars in Dubai too. It’ll be great to have you as a virtual guide over the next few months!
    Many thanks, Rachael

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