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Ask Louise

Q.   Dear, I am so confused of how to choose a good nursery for my 2 yrs old baby, i used to go to one in Wasl area but their hygiene was so bad he used to get sick so frequently and i don’t feel they are adding to his knowledge and education. So please looking forward for your advice as i tried to look online most of the nurseries have the same description.

A The best way to choose a nursery for your child is to actually visit them yourself and see the nursery in action. There are many fantastic nurseries in town so please do not be put off by your experience. As well as checking them out yourself try and talk to friends who have children at nursery and get their recommendations. I’m not too clear as to where you are looking but good established nurseries just of the Al Wasl Road are Ladybird Nursery, Children’s Oasis, & Little Land Nursery all of which are listed in our Nursery School Directory a long with many more.  For further information, visit our article Nursery Education in Dubai.

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