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I have been an expat nearly all my life. I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland but my early years were spent on the Caribbean Island of Trinidad. As a family, we relocated back to the UK for a few years but the call of expat life was never too far away and we once again relocated this time to Hong Kong. I returned to Scotland to finish my education and attend University where I met my husband who had also been an expat child and after a few years of doing the 9 to 5 job in the UK we returned to Hong Kong, moved to the Philippines and then 15 years ago ended up in Dubai.

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ask louiseQuestionMy maid is going on leave and she is asking me for her ‘vacation salary’. I will pay her her normal monthly salary as usual when she is away but this is an additional monthly salary as she is going on holiday. Is this usual? Do you know the laws around this? Read more

ask louiseQuestionIs EJARI required for rental contract renewals if it was done when the lease started? Read more

ask louiseQuestionHi Louise  How much is the average bottle of white wine if bought and you have an alcohol license ?  Thanks Read more

ask louiseQuestionI am moving to Dubai at the end of April but I am over here now looking for a school for our little girl who is 9 years old my wife and Daughter are Filipino  and we are looking to live in the Jumeirah Village Circle area do you know of any schools in this area where she would fit in also where the school fees are a good price. Read more

ask louiseQuestionWhen does the annual expat exchange tend to happen, does it happen June/July or September for the schools? Guess this a great time to find properties and cars? Read more

ask louiseQuestionVisiting Dubai first time in June. Staying at The Atlantis. Just my wife and I ( both 50 ).  Any good tips on places to visit, are there any concerts on? Read more

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