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I have been an expat nearly all my life. I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland but my early years were spent on the Caribbean Island of Trinidad. As a family, we relocated back to the UK for a few years but the call of expat life was never too far away and we once again relocated this time to Hong Kong. I returned to Scotland to finish my education and attend University where I met my husband who had also been an expat child and after a few years of doing the 9 to 5 job in the UK we returned to Hong Kong, moved to the Philippines and then 15 years ago ended up in Dubai.

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ask louiseQuestionWe are a family of 3, in the process of moving to Dubai. Our son is 8.5 years old and we are considering some “outstanding or good” schools for his education. Living in a residential locality close to the school is a huge advantage. My wife will be working at the Dubai International Financial city. Our budget is AED 80,000 -100,000  for a 2 bedroom apartment/villa. Having done a little bit of research on the net, we have a chosen a few localities. They are al Barsha, JLT, Discovery Gardens. However, the schools we are considering are located at a distance of 17 to 23 kms from these places. My queries are the following: Read more

ask louiseQuestionMy landlord has advised that Dubai Courts has delivered an eviction notice to our villa. We have not received this notice. I have now been emailed a copy of the eviction notice and the apparent delivery note. We have not signed for this document and it was not left at the villa. Does such a notice require a signature of receipt from us?  The landlord wishes to sell the villa, am I required to allow viewings?  We plan to move as maintenance has been poor maintenance this past year so viewing in the hope of an investor buying is not of any interest to us..

AnswerThe eviction letter should have been signed by you and you should have been given 1 years notice.  With regards to the viewings if nothing is written in your contract they are not obliged to show the property before they leave.

ask louiseQuestionI am planning to move to Dubai with my family. My company is not going to cover my utility costs and I am trying to calculate additional monthly costs that I may expect.  Do you have any your or your friends example of typical consumption of water and electricity in Dubai ?

AnswerIs 1500kwh and 18 000 IG realistic for two bedroom (3 room, family size 3) apartment? I am sure it depends on month but maybe you can share whats the highest consumption that you had? Read more

ask louiseQuestionI am looking at travelling to Singapore for 2 months and then returning back to Dubai – it is a temp work project in Singapore. I have my residence in Dubai and thinking of taking my 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier with me. Would you be able to help with the relocation and know how we can have him in the minimum possible number of days in quarantine in Singapore (given that I am only going to stay there for 2 months)? Read more

I am planning to move to Dubai in March and am getting together all the documents I need.  I keep seeing the words mentioned ‘No Objection Certificate’ can you please explain what this is? Read more

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