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ask-louiseQuestionI am leaving Dubai in the summer to take my kids back to University and boarding school. If I stay out of Dubai for more than 6 months will my residency visa be automatically cancelled?


If you stay out of Dubai for more than 6 months and you have not cancelled your visa, it is usually cancelled automatically and you may get a fine as well as you re-enter Dubai. If you were employed, you might also be registered as an absconder, so you may also get a ban. The best place to check is with the Ministry of Labour and the Department of Immigration before you leave.  Read more

ask louiseQuestionWhat is the procedure of exporting from Oman my personal car to Dubai in the event I have to take a employment in Dubai. Read more

ask louiseQuestionMy maid is going on leave and she is asking me for her ‘vacation salary’. I will pay her her normal monthly salary as usual when she is away but this is an additional monthly salary as she is going on holiday. Is this usual? Do you know the laws around this? Read more

ask louiseQuestionMy residency visa and also my daughters residency visa is expiring this month.  Does my daughter need to come with me when I renew the visa and do the blood test?  My husband is our sponsor. Read more

I am planning to move to Dubai in March and am getting together all the documents I need.  I keep seeing the words mentioned ‘No Objection Certificate’ can you please explain what this is? Read more

ask louiseQuestionI recently moved to Dubai sponsored by my company and am currently living in a hotel apartment. My family is due to arrive towards the later part of January, however besides requesting our marriage certificate, daughters birth certificate, etc., the person from the company dealing with their residents visa’s has requested that I get a year lease for Ejari purposes which is required for the visa’s. I am in a bit of a dilemma as our furniture will take about 6 weeks to arrive after my family arrives and secondly my wife and I would like to find a villa together. Therefore is it possible to get them in on Visitors Visa and once here apply for the resident visa once we find a property on a 12 month lease? My wife has an Argentinian passport. Read more

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