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Hi! Louise, I recently heard that schooling is more expensive in Abu Dhabi.  Can you please confirm if its true as this would effect our decision to relocate there? Read more

I’ve recently moved to and become a resident of Dubai, and am interested in taking a short term interior design course, any recommendations about the best ones in town?  Thanks! Read more

Hi! Louise, I hope you’re well.  Where can I have a new canvas ‘roof’ made for my Gazebo?  Thanks!  Sam Read more

Hi Louise, I am looking for a medical grade physiotherapist.  Wonder if you or your readers can recommend someone in Dubai.  Thanks! Read more

Hi! Louise, could you suggest a good playgroup for my 2 year old daughter – somewhere in the area of Al Nahda (Ghesis) in Dubai?  Any other options with bus services are also welcome.  Your prompt reply shall be highly appreciated.  Thank you! Read more

I would really like to try Tai Chi, I have done it before in the UK and know the benefits.  Is there anywhere in Dubai that teaches? Read more

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