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summer-camps-2013The majority of children in Dubai will soon by saying goodbye to exams and hello summer holidays!

In the past many expat families used the long summer break to escape the heat and spend two months in cooler climes visiting friends and family.  However, today more and more families have both parents working which limits the amount of time families can spend away from Dubai. For this very reason Dubai has witnessed a rise in the amount of companies now offering holiday camps throughout the hot summer months.  So whether your child’s passion is in the sports or arts there will be the opportunity for them to be busy and entertained throughout the whole summer holidays here in Dubai.

Here is a growing list of the camps that will be on offer this summer. Read more

cyclists-advice-288x300Cyclists have been banned from riding on major roads under tough new laws to be introduced soon in Dubai.

Those riding on roads with speed limits of more than 60kph face fines of up to Dh600 under the laws, which were announced on Sunday.

That fine can be doubled for a second offence in a year, and authorities will be able to impound bikes for a month if there are any further repeats click here to read more from The National.

ASK_LouiseQuestionMy friend needs to make a quilt for her daughters birthday with her old clothes. Does anywhere take orders to make this quilt for her?

AnswerWhat a lovely idea. There are a few places in Dubai which have lots of information on quilting and they also give classes.  Perhaps your friend might like to join one of the classes and make the quilt herself. There is  Craftland  in Jumeirah or Dubai Quilters Guild try contacting them for more information.

dudiveWith the summer fast approaching, and the temperatures set to soar, you might want to start thinking about how to keep the kids active indoors during the hot summer months. Whatever you are looking for, whether it is a new sport with top quality coaching, or just to have the enjoyment of trying something new, then look no further. DuDive springboard and highboard diving club offers an exciting opportunity to cool off in the pool whilst learning new skills and having fun!

Diving lessons are a great way to build confidence in the water, and can give a great sense of achievement after conquering the heights of the boards or perfecting a new dive. Read more

bridgeAttention all Bridge players,

LIBAMI, friends of Lebanon, is a National Civil Organization which supports the orphanages and children in Lebanon.

The Lebanese Bridge Players in Dubai are taking the initiative to have a bridge charity morning in order to raise some money to support this noble cause. Read more

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