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Arabian Ranches was one of Dubai’s first freestanding developments. The Ranches is a gated community located within the heart of the desert on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road leading to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai. Arabian Ranches offers 12 different subdivisions with different properties including townhomes, semi-detached and freestanding villas of 2 to 4+ bedrooms. Yearly rent ranges from the low end at 170,000 AED for a 2 bedroom home to 500,000+ AED for a larger 4+ bedroom villa. (more…)

Village Community Centre

The village community centre is not very big compared to other community centres, but it does have everything you might need.  The small shopping centre boasts a Kodak Express (photo printing), a bank, a dry cleaners, a pharmacy, an optician, a beauty salon, real estate agents, pet store, Book Plus (book store), liquor store, grocery store , gift shops, and a variety of restaurants. (more…)

There is one main community center in Arabian Ranches.  While it may be a small center you will still find it very accommodating with a grocery store, restaurants, a pharmacy, pet store, liquor store and services like dry cleaning and hair dressers.  Other restaurants can be found at the Arabian Ranches Golf Club and the Dubai Polo  & Equestrian Club.

Although there aren’t too many restaurants within the Ranches, you will find that many restaurants from the nearby communities deliver, such as Motorcity, Studio City, and Al Barsha. (more…)

Arabian Ranches Golf Club

The Arabian Ranches golf course is a true 18 hole, par 72 desert style grass course. The course features grassy fairways and greens, sand wastes and manicured shrubs and greenery. Avid golfers also appreciate the GPS (Global Positioning System) yardage service available on every cart. (more…)

Tennis Courts
There are several tennis courts located within in community in Arabian Ranches. Booking a tennis court can be done online at this site.

Basketball Courts
Basketball courts are only found within a few communities such as Al Reem 1, Alvorada 1, and Saheel. (more…)

Arabian Ranches (AR) is split up into twelve communities each with its own unique style.

Each community gate is clearly marked at the gated security entrance & requires a car ID for access without security check-in.

Here are the types of homes available within each Arabian Ranches Community: (more…)

red- back-spiderSeveral residents in The Springs, Arabian Ranches and Umm Suquiem have sighted these critters; if bitten, seek immediate medical attention

As the chilly climes make way for the spring season, many Dubai residents are reporting return of the familiar thick cobweb of the Redback spider in dark corners of gardens and backyards, with sightings of this venomous pest raising the red flag with many community members.

In the last few weeks, several concerned residents have taken to social media to express their fears.

However, Dubai Municipality is urging residents to remain calm and take precautions against the dangerous bite of this eight-legged creepy crawly.

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Unless you’re a real minimalist, chances are you need to get rid of household junk, unwanted books, bags, shoes, clothes and that those lampshades or other items you don’t want to give away, but aren’t worth too much. What better way to dispose of them than renting a table at a local community market day, after all a small investment of Dhs 50 bought me a table and a legitimate shop space between 2 and 6 pm last Friday 28th of October. My table was one of almost 100 tables laid out in a horseshoe shape at the back at our school field in Dubai’s Arabian Ranches. Read more

As an expat woman, raising her four-year old daughter here in the UAE, whilst holding down a full time job or for her friend Helen, who has been busy establishing a successful business of her own here in Dubai, both Jenny Ashton and Helen Shippey fully understand the value of sharing information and offering support to fellow mums and women. The rules and regulations for expats here can be quite daunting and without the right information and support can leave you extremely exposed to things you wouldn’t necessarily realize would apply to you. Read more

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