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dubai-airport-150x150cFamilies flying out of Dubai for a summer break are preparing themselves for the airport’s busiest two days of the season – with some arriving four hours before take-off.
More than 75,000 will depart Dubai International Airport on Thursday and Friday, and the transport hub will already be busy with the usual arrivals and transfers.
The operations teams at Dubai Airports are also gearing up for the summer peak by adding support staff and ‘May I Help You’ staff at key touchpoints, such as immigration and security during the busiest periods.
Eugene Barry, the executive vice president of Commercial Group at Dubai Airports, said: “With many passengers leaving Dubai on vacation at this time, we want to ensure that everyone’s experience is as stress-free as possible.
By arriving to the airport early, utilising the online check in facility offered by airlines, or using our website to track their flight, we would like to get passengers through their travel formalities and to the departure areas as smoothly as possible. Read more

keep-calmThe burning question asked by every expat facing re-entry (and every repat in its throes) is this: “How long does it take?”
It’s a good question, but it’s tough to answer definitively, for a couple of reasons. First, every expat (and therefore, every re-entry) is different. Second, repatriation isn’t an event. It’s a process.
Yes, it can be quick. In fact, some lucky souls re-integrate almost immediately. Of the 539 repats who answered this question on my repatriation survey last year, 11% of first-time returnees said they started to feel at home right away.
I’ll confess to gnashing my teeth with envy when I read that. My experience was quite different. For me, it took about two years and involved a lot of dancing, of the one-step-forwardtwo-steps-back variety. Eight years later, I still have occasional relapses. But again, everyone’s journey is unique. Read more

bank-account-closed-150x150If you know you will be leaving Dubai then you must get organised as there is a lot to do. There are a lot of places you need to be physically present at ie to close down bank accounts.  Personal possessions, such as cars and furniture, can take more time than you realise to sell.

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Expatexits5 Minute Interviews with Expats Leaving Dubai

Live in a new country for long enough and it starts to feel like home. For many expats Dubai has become their home, one they have mixed emotions about leaving behind. Once someone announces they are leaving they’re inevitably bombarded with the same question: ‘What did you think of the place?’ It’s a query that every expat faces in the waning days of their time abroad and, in the case of Dubai, one that defies a uniform answer.

The team at Expat Echo Dubai would like to feature your expat musings of your likes (and dislikes) of living in Dubai in our Expat Exit section. Its sure to attract an interesting and eclectic mix of responses and at the very least, will remind those still living here to be grateful for the many wonderful things about living in Dubai. If you’re leaving Dubai please complete our 5 minute interview and submit your answers along with a profile picture (in JPEG format).

This week’s Exit Interview is from Portuguese expat Ana.

Sum up your experience of being an expat living in Dubai
Was here for keeping family together though family quality time very little at times experience best described it’s been a long holiday living in Dubai, had the opportunity to visit near by countries and no major headaches or fights financially. Read more

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