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If you have recently relocated to Dubai then ‘Welcome to Summer’. People back home often ask at this time of year,  ‘how on earth do you cope in that heat?’ and surprisingly you find yourself answering ‘fine – we just move from an air-conditioned house to an air-conditioned car to an air-conditioned office’ which is great when the air-conditioning works, but when it doesn’t you soon remember where you are living.

Expat Echo Dubai have stressed the importance and guided you through looking after your hair in the heat, the importance of sun-screen and how to look after your air-conditioning in the home, and now we urge you to look after your car. Read more

As you move into your new home you will likely be faced with many upgrades and changes, which you want to make in order to ensure you and your family is comfortable in your new surroundings; one of these Dubai necessities is glass window tinting.

Window tinting films are a clear layer of plastic that is professionally installed onto your existing glass windows and doors, to improve certain properties of your glass in terms of reducing heat gain, eliminating sun glare and blocking harmful UV rays. Available in a number of different shades, there is a strong focus on still allowing plenty of natural light to enter your home, but without the negative effects that the sun can bring. Read more

Santa’s sleigh was a bit lighter this year, as on the top of many Christmas wish lists were the latest electronic gizmo’s.

However, by now you (hopefully!) have figured out how to work them so what can you do with your old electronic items?  Here are a couple of organisations in Dubai which will help you get rid of your old items responsibly. Read more

Well, I guess that depends on whether they are professionals or the ‘Jack of All Trades’ type that turn up all too frequently with only a hammer – no matter what the job is that you need!
Very few people understand what actually takes place as part of a proper service of an Air Conditioning (AC) system, as there isn’t much to see, apart from either the legs of a technician with his head in the ceiling or an empty ladder once they have disappeared onto the roof.

Colin Thomas, Business Partner at Jim Will Fix It Services, takes us through what actually should happen when the technician disappears out of site (and sometimes out of mind). Read more

RIPE. Organic. Local. Farm Fresh.

Introducing RIPE, a company passionate about fresh, healthy and local produce, a company intent on spreading the benefits of going organic. It’s all about getting back to basics by growing local, eating local and supporting local. RIPE aims to provide you with organic fruit and vegetables that are local, fresh, tasty and affordable. Read more

Many expats in Dubai are very used to being relocated and moving on, and this time of year sees many of us giving up all our scheduled activities to go through all the junk we have gathered over the past couple of years – where did it all come from?

Some people may not be moving internationally, they may just be moving locally to a new villa or apartment due to an increase in rent or to another location nearer their place of work.  But whether we are moving thousands of miles or just around the corner, there is always ‘stuff’ to get rid of. Read more

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