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Dentists in Dubai are plentiful. Just take a drive along Jumeirah Beach Road and you will witness building after building with sign boards advertising clinics with dentists, and orthodontists. The best way of finding a dentist in this town is by recommendation from friends and work colleagues. Prices vary a lot so it is best to shop around. The most expensive is not necessarily the best it may just be that they are having to pay very high rents for their location.

Fortunately, as Dubai is such a cosmopolitan city it attracts Dentists from all around the world bringing in expertise and new techniques so no resident in Dubai need have bad teeth.

We have put together a list of some of the dentists in town that have been recommended to us! Read more

Don’t wait until the last minute to start looking for a new family physician.  Take the time to search for the one that suits your family and location best.

Here is a list of medical clinics in Dubai to help you find the perfect Doc!



Read more

The baby might not have arrived yet, but it is still a good idea to think about the first time at home with a newborn. Arriving home with a newborn you will find yourself catapulted into a whole new existence of apparently non-stop tasks and routine, that can seem rather overwhelming. With a new baby around, you may need parenting support and postnatal care. Here is a list of where to seek professional help and advice in Dubai. We hope you find something that will suit your needs. Read more

You might have heard about the benefits of antenatal classes from your midwife, doctor or friends. Here we will give you some general information on the topic, two examples from antenatal class providers in Dubai and a list of institutions in Dubai that offer antenatal classes. Read more

The festivities are over and now is the time to put those New Year Resolutions into action.  For many this will be to get fit and hopefully shed a few pounds.  There is no excuse in Dubai as there is now a gym convenient to most neighborhoods.

To make things easier for you Expat Echo Dubai have compiled a Gym Directory. In addition to the gyms listed below, don’t forget that many of the big hotels around town also have gyms that the public are able to use. No more excuses, choose a gym near you and get moving… Read more

dentcare-kidsAs most parents are aware, it is very important for your child to establish a trusting relationship with their dentist. Too many parents themselves have dealt with years of dental phobia due to a bad experience at a young age. Throughout Dubai there are a number of Paediatric Dentists (or children’s dentists) that can deal with severe cases and perform treatment under general anaesthetic if needed. For those children with run-of-the-mill, relatively healthy teeth and lifestyles, a General Dentist is more than adequate, and likely more affordable.

When it comes to kids (and adults alike) prevention is always better than cure. Establishing good oral hygiene habits from an early age, will mean your child will probably never have a bad experience at the dentist. This can be done by attending Read more

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