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Booze licenseThe UAE as a Muslim country, implements Sharia law which prohibits the purchase and consumption of alcohol. However, the UAE authorities are aware that drinking alcohol is popular among huge number of expatriates who are non-Muslims, so for that reason the UAE sets rules for purchasing and drinking alcohol. Alcohol cannot be purchased in supermarkets but there are several locations that sell alcohol all over the UAE. Hotels and sports clubs in all Emirates (except Sharjah) are allowed to serve alcoholic drinks in their bars and restaurants. Independent restaurants do not serve alcohol.


For many expats the nectar of the gods is considered near essential to mark momentous occasions, be it celebrating Christmas, ringing in New Year’s Eve or a birthday bash. Many of us cook with it or enjoy a nightly drop with dinner after all, red wine is widely touted for its health benefits. As an expat new to Dubai however you will soon realise that reaching for a glass of your favourite tipple is not nearly as straight forward as you may have thought or hoped. Not only is whetting your palate likely more expensive in Dubai but you also require a license to purchase liquor. Add to this a liquor store in Dubai is a rather sneaky and illusive oasis that tries to hide from you. To help, we’ve put together a directory of where to buy liquor in Dubai. Read more

As a non-Muslim expat relocating to Dubai, one of the many legal requirement to get organized  once you move here is to apply for a liquor license.  Whether you want to buy liquor to drink in your home or drink outside of your home the law clearly states that you MUST have an liquor license. Read more

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