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child-car-seatWhen moving to Dubai make sure you have your child seat with you and ready to use as it is law that children must be secured in a child seat or seat booster when travelling in a car. The law states that:



Read more

Help! I need a Babysitter

When relocating to Dubai one of the biggest things expats miss from back home is the support of their extended family. If you choose not to go down the road of employing and sponsoring full-time help in the home, then there maybe times when you require a babysitter. Expat Echo Dubai have put together a directory of companies in Dubai that offer babysitting services to help you in your search. Read more

I was in a discussion recently about the age at which a young baby can fly and it made me wonder if there were any set rules governing this. The answer is that there is no standard regulation, so it entirely depends on the airline you wish to fly. Some airlines will allow a 2 day old to fly if you have a letter of clearance from your GP, others have a 7 day rule. Or it could even be longer if a baby was born prematurely or there were complications at birth. Mums may also require a letter of clearance from a GP especially if the baby was born via c-section, or if you had a particularly difficult labour. If you need to fly very shortly after your baby is born then the best thing to do is to check the airline’s policy and also check with your GP. Read more

bubs-boutique-travelling-with-kidsWell, summer’s well and truly here – and unless you’re determined to stay in Dubai for the whole season, most conversations include, ‘where are you off to on your hols?’

But while it’s lovely to chat about upcoming vacations, there’s a certain amount of trepidation when the nitty-gritty matter of actually ‘getting there’ is discussed – especially for those of us with young kids and babies to transport. Basically, whoever coined the phrase, ‘To travel is better than to arrive,’ clearly never attempted a long journey with children…

Here are our top five tips for families wanting to arrive at their destination in better shape. Read more

When the time comes to say goodbye and move on, a mixture of emotions emerge.
Sadness, relief, stress, fear, can all set in. No doubt it is a stressful time, so be kind and patient with yourself as you try to cope. Goodbyes however, never dismiss the impact and significance of the memories and relationships made. The impact you, and others, have had on each other during this season will last forever. Memories last forever too. Read more

With the daily temperatures in Dubai slowly creeping up to the mid 40s (C)… it is important to stay cool n’ refreshed and there’s no better place to keep your body temp down than in a nice chilled pool. How about watching movies from the cool of the pool?!

Grab a floating chair, buy some refreshments and enjoy the show at one of the venues offering movies by the pool in Dubai. Read more

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