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universities-in-dubaiThe choice of education options in Dubai has changed dramatically over the past decade.  Not only has Dubai witnessed many more international schools  being built to accommodate the influx of expats moving into the region but these school are also offering a good choice of different curriculum’s.

The growth of schools in Dubai has not stopped at High School – the city now offers options for the post High School child to stay on and study at University level at Internationally accredited Universities.  These universities are offering a choice of foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA’s.  As demand for places at these universities increases more courses are being introduced many of which are relevant to industries in the region eg oil and gas, engineering, business management.  Not only do they attract students from Dubai but also from the GCC and the rest of the Middle East and Africa.

Here is a list of some of the most popular universities in Dubai. Read more

Performing-Arts1There are many talented children in Dubai.  The choice of activities that the Dubai youth take part in within school hours and outside school is quite staggering.  This has led to many children in Dubai wanting to pursue careers which build upon the skills they have learnt from these activities whether it be from the rugby field, swimming pool or drama studio.

Traditionally schools in Dubai only offered post 16 qualifications (A’Level & International Baccalaureate) in the core subjects such as Languages, Humanities and Sciences which resulted in many children having to leave Dubai to pursue Read more

testing-the-young-what-is-the-pointThere are still some schools here in Dubai seem to make their students take lots and lots of tests. Spelling; Maths; Weekly, End of Topic; End of Semester; the list seems to be endless. But what is the point? Why do we need to test so much?

We want to know what a child has learned, of course. When we teach a child we need to know that they have learned something, but this then leads to the question “How can we find out?” The easiest way is to give children a set of questions, highlighting the things we want to know they have learned, and then encourage them to give the answers we want. Regurgitating facts is one of the tried and tested ways that we can get children to repeat back to us the things that we think they ought to know. And there lies the problem. Repeating information has very little to do with learning. Read more

high-school-in-dubaiOver the next couple of weeks secondary/high schools in Dubai will start clearing their waiting lists. 

Many parents (and children) will be waiting anxiously over the next few weeks for results from entry tests taken recently for  entry into year 7 of  Dubai secondary schools. Many of these parents having their children’s names down at a couple of schools to cover all eventualities.

Other groups of parents may have been looking at the boarding school option in their home country and are now making their final decision whether to send them or not this also frees up places in schools in Dubai.  So if you are still looking for a place for your child at a secondary school now is the time to contact the schools to get a clearer picture of what places are actually available.

For a list of schools in Dubai please click here. Read more

Omega Dubai Desert Classic |27 January – 2 February| Emirates Golf Club

The Omega Dubai Desert Classic is held every year at Emirates Golf Club’s Majlis course and attracts some of the biggest names in golf. The Majlis was the first grass course in the Middle East and in 1989 confirmed the club’s international recognition with its first European Tour event, the Dubai Desert Classic. The tournament attracts thousands of visitors, is watched on hundreds of millions of TV screens around the world and most of the world’s top players, including Tiger Woods and Ernie Els, have taken part in what is one of the European PGA Tour’s top events. Read more

You might have heard about the benefits of antenatal classes from your midwife, doctor or friends. Here we will give you some general information on the topic, two examples from antenatal class providers in Dubai and a list of institutions in Dubai that offer antenatal classes. Read more

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