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Click Here For Summer Camps in Dubai 2013 Directory

School is out and its vacation time. Summer camp to the rescue! Many schools, nursery schools and children’s clubs will be hosting holiday camps, so whether their passion is football or painting, there are bound to be plenty of options in Dubai to choose from.

Here’s a (growing) list of 2012 summer camps for kids in Dubai. Read more

Reader’s Paradise is Dubai’s first online book rental library for both adults and children that delivers books to your doorstep. Search books in their online catalogue, rent the books you like – and get them delivered to your door. When you’re done reading, they will deliver new books to you and collect the old ones from you. And the best part is you get to read them at your pace after renting as there’s no due dates or late charges on any of the books. Read more

Belkiz Feedaway (Feedaway), an award winning, portable, lightweight, cardboard feeding chair – ideal for short-term solutions, feeding on the go, or where space is at a premium – is now available in the UAE.

Easy to assemble, innovative and recyclable, the Feedaway is ideal for toddlers up to 20 months of age, or up to 20kg, who are away from home. Read more

Apple Seeds in Our City

I am always excited to find out about the opening of a new playground and activities for children in Dubai. Indoor options for soft play areas during the hot summer months and the many sandstorms are so valuable.

If you wonder where to take the kids for a play and to try out various activities like art, music, science, gym, cooking, singing and so much more. You will be happy to hear about Apple Seeds Dubai. This play space located in the Gold and Diamond Park opened up last week. The original Read more

Want to jet off on a big trip, except you feel you can’t because you’re pregnant? Don’t let the bump stop you. I’ve travelled extensively throughout both of my pregnancies and have just followed some basic precautions. If you’re eager to travel while pregnant (and why not, it may be your last big hurrah before your new life with your baby) here are some things you may wish to know: Read more

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but your pictures could be worth much more if you enter MORE Café and DUCTAC’s Photography Competition this summer.
The theme of the competition is ‘Summer Fun’, so whether you’re having fun in the sun here in the UAE, or vacationing further afield, they want to see what you see during the summer! Wherever you are in the world, get snapping and send them the results. Spectacular or mundane – the view from the Burj Khalifa or the queue for the Metro, from desert sands to ocean shores – capture the people and places that make your summer fun. Interpret the theme as you please – symbolic, figurative and abstract portrayals are all welcome. Read more

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