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Living in United Arab Emirates

With the beautiful weather in Dubai we all soon become water babies! Many homes have sparkling blue pools and hotels encourage us to soak up the rays around seemingly glamorous and endless infinity pools, not to mention the tempting miles of azure coast line! The result is that adults and children alike are always around water… where potential dangers lurk for the unprepared. Read more

The UAE has already celebrated Mother’s Day on 21st March, along with the United Kingdom (including British expats in Dubai) who celebrated Mothering Day on March 10th. For many other expats, including those from North-America and Australia, Mother’s Day will be this Sunday May 12th.  If you’re one such expat that would like to mark the occasion alongside your fellow countrymen, you may be hard pressed to find something happening this Sunday. Don’t fret as we have managed to find a few brunches that you can treat your Mum too: Read more

…And an iPhone App to review it from

The number of ‘outstanding’ schools has nearly doubled and half of Dubai’s student population attends these according to Emirates 24/7.

There has been a marked improvement in the workings of Dubai schools, with 11 schools rated “outstanding” in the latest school inspection report, recorded Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). Read more

Ah, the family vacation… Ideally, it’s an opportunity for family bonding, time away from the office and lots of laughs. In reality, arranging a trip where the father, mother and kids all get exactly what they want out of it, can be an incredibly stressful ordeal – not to mention more elusive than you would like.

It starts with making the decision on where to go, and who’s in charge of making that decision? Read more

“Children grow up so quick” – how many times have you heard that being said? When you were a child, you felt you would be a child forever and it is only when you become a parent yourself, you realize that phrase is so true. One minute your baby was barely able to hold it’s head up and next thing you know, you are being told to register them for nursery. Read more

There are many advantages to a Third Culture Kid (TCK) upbringing. Third Culture Kids develop valuable skills, including multilingualism, open-mindedness and adaptability.

US President Barack Obama, who lived in Indonesia as a boy, shone a spotlight on Third Culture Kids during his election campaign. His inter-cultural childhood instilled in him the aptitude for cultural sensitivity and cautious deliberation that gratifies his supporters and makes his detractors tear their hair out. Read more

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