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ASK_LouiseQuestionIs there anyone in Dubai doing collections for the people of Nepal or any charities that I can donate to?

AnswerWhat a great topical question. There is the Children of the mountain which is a non-profit organisation supporting the
poorest children in rural Nepal, providing them with opportunities through education and personal development.
In UAE, Du is giving all its Nepalese customers three free minutes to call home and get in touch with their family. Dial any number in Nepal before midnight April 27 and the first three minutes of talk time will be free of charge.

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the-old-libraryReading is a favourite past time of many expats whether it’s a book about Dubai or the latest thriller.  Amongst the expat community there are many “book-clubs” which is a great way of meeting people and learning about new titles. Even with the popularity of the Kindle a favourite past-time of many expats in their home countries would have been to visit the local library and even in this ultra-modern city this is still possible at The Old Library.

The Old Library is Dubai’s leading English Language Lending Library with over 1800 family and individual members. It is a non-profit organisation which is run entirely by volunteers as a service to the Dubai community. The Library is part of the Dubai Community Theatre and Art Centre (DUCTAC) which is located at the Mall of the Emirates on Sheikh Zayed Road in Al Barsha. Read more

syrian-refugeesTalking to many of my friends in Dubai we are all busy “spring cleaning”.  It’s a new year and it seems that many people are preparing early for the big move in the summer and others are just using this quiet time to get organized before the next onslaught of visitors escaping the harsh winter in Europe.

Unfortunately, in many countries throughout region people cannot escape the harsh winter as they are stuck in refugee camps with hardly any warm clothes, shoes or bedding.

Groups within the Dubai community are now collecting to send items such as shoes, socks, blankets, and winter clothes so we ask you to look through your cupboards and donate.  Below are some of the charities collecting. Read more

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