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Living in the UAE is comparable to other major cities around the world. Accommodation is typically located in widespread central areas in high rise apartment buildings, villas (houses) and town houses. The buildings have recreational facilities, appliances and parking.

The table below provides a general guideline of two examples of median monthly cost of living estimates.

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The least expensive community is International City, with average service charges of Dh6.5

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Car taxThe UAE government could diversify its revenues and strengthen its fiscal position by implementing not just a value-added tax (VAT) system, but also a special excise on cars and corporate income tax on all companies.
In an August 2015 report, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said the UAE could generate extra revenues worth as much as 4.1 per cent of the non-hydrocarbon domestic product (GDP) by introducing a 15 per cent ad valorem tax on passenger vehicles and broadening the coverage of its corporate income tax scheme, aside from collecting a five per cent VAT. Read more

school busParents are bracing themselves for another round of fee increases as schools reopen after the summer break at the end of this month. A total of 117 private schools will increase their fees after they received approval from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) earlier this year.
This fee increase has already been implemented in Indian schools from April. It will be implemented to the rest of the private schools in the emirate on August 30. Read more

Furniture shoppingAre you new to Dubai and wondering where to go for furniture? If so then take a look at our list of just some of the shops available in Dubai, click on the links to their websites and find out where they are before you start driving all over town.

Don’t forget to also look at the classifieds as there are many great bargains to be grabbed in the second-hand market too.

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White goods 2015When moving to Dubai it is worth noting that most rental properties come with the minimum or no white goods (cookers, hobs, refrigerators, washer/dryers) but usually it is not cost effective to ship these goods over as they are very cheap to purchase in Dubai.
If an apartment or villa is advertised with partial white goods it will be a built in cooker/hob.  The space allocated for cookers also seems to vary in properties Read more

carpooling 2015With the recent hike in petrol prices commuters are likely to turn to carpool schemes and use more public transport following the decision to hike petrol prices, however you need to register with the RTA to carpool. The online marketplace, which publishes studies on driver behaviour and the cost of transport, said sharing cars and using low-cost public transport such as Dubai Metro are likely to become more popular. Read more

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