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While the UAE is often described as being extremely hot, the temperature varies between regions and months.

The summer is indeed very hot with temperatures averaging up to 47C (115F) in August, but luckily the majority of homes, offices and shopping malls are air conditioned. (more…)

As you move into your new home you will likely be faced with many upgrades and changes, which you want to make in order to ensure you and your family is comfortable in your new surroundings; one of these Dubai necessities is glass window tinting.

Window tinting films are a clear layer of plastic that is professionally installed onto your existing glass windows and doors, to improve certain properties of your glass in terms of reducing heat gain, eliminating sun glare and blocking harmful UV rays. Available in a number of different shades, there is a strong focus on still allowing plenty of natural light to enter your home, but without the negative effects that the sun can bring. Read more

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