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Reuniting Lost Pets With Their Owners

The team at Expat Echo Dubai would like to help you to reunite lost pets with their owners. If you’ve lost your beloved pet or have found a missing pet, please complete the following form and we will gladly feature it in our Lost & Found section. We will also share the link on our facebook fan page and with our twitter followers. We hope to help reunite as many pets with their owners as possible. Please complete the following form and submit your answers along with a recent picture of your lost or found pet (in JPEG format).

missing-dogPet’s Name: Bruno
Last Seen: Jumeirah Park (near the Springs) Wednesday eve June 4th
Microchip Number:  804098100057273
Municipality Tag Number:
Collar Color: Not wearing

Pet’s Description:
Miniature Yorkshire terrier. Light and dark brown, grey. Very very sweet. Please please help. He is a puppy. Reward offered

If found please contact: Mobile Number: +971 56 130 1362 Read more

missing-dogPet’s Name or Answers To:  Cole or Loki
Last Seen or Found (when and where):  9 am Jaffiliya (Bur Dubai)
Microchip Number:
Municipality Tag Number:
Collar Color:  Red

Pet’s Description:  German Shepherd/ Husky mix, Black, Looks more like a German Shepherd Read more

missing-dogPet’s Name or Answers To:  Paris
Last Seen or Found:  Mirdif, street 77, villa 14c
Microchip Number:  900160000002750
Municipality Tag Number:  N/A
Collar Color:  Baby plus with pink crystals with aa tag that has her name on it and crystals

Pet’s Description:
Very smart 3 years old female Yorkshire terrier, she can be aggressive sometimes around strangers. Read more

Missing CatPet’s Name:  Cloud or Cloudious
Last Seen:  JVC – Seasons Community, near Seasons A on 27th March 2014 evening
Microchip Number:  n/a
Municipality Tag Number:  n/a
Collar Color:  n/a

Pet’s Description:
Male, 2 years old – Mainly black with a white patch of fur on his chest and light greyish belly.  Resembles a Persian cat, i.e long haired and fluffy. He usually answers to his name, but is sometimes a rebel. He is very vocal and has the cutest purr as he doesn’t do it like a normal cat but you can actually physically see him forcing himself to purr through his mouth and nose. He makes birds noises occasionally and is the absolute love of my life. He was last seen in JCV area near Seasons A community, he could have been found in his cage (light beige with a black base) as my friends moved him out of the car as they were packing the boxes in and forgot to put him back. Read more

Missing CatPet’s Name: Phoebe
Last Seen: Sunday – Springs 15
Microchip Number:-
Municipality Tag Number:-
Collar Color-

Pet’s Description: Adult tabby female

If found please contact James at  or Mobile Number:+971 50 575 8226


Missing CatPet’s Name or Answers To:  George
Last Seen or Found (when and where):  24 Feb 2014 street 71 in Mirdif
Microchip Number:
Municipality Tag Number:
Collar Color: 

Pet’s Description:  He is a big white male Russian cat answers to his name very gentle Read more

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