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Missing CatPet’s Name or Answers To: Zorro
Last Seen or Found (when and where): Al Safa 1
Microchip Number: n/a
Municipality Tag Number: n/a
Collar Color: n/a
Pet’s Description: Red cat with white paws, white nose and belly and yellow eyes. Little tip in his ear.
If found please contact: Chris. Mobile Number: +971 50 104 7671

STILL MISSING RED MALE CAT – AL SAFA 1 AWARD FOR FINDING! “Zorro” is still missing since 17th of June 2015 in Al Safa 1, Street 8c. Could be found also somewhere else, we just moved from Meadows 1 to Al Safa 1. He is a friendly and cuddly red cat with white paws, white nose and belly and yellow eyes. No Microchip, but neutered and vaccinated and a little tip in his ear. Read more

k9-friendsCan you help K9 friends? They are desperately looking for people to foster dogs during July and August.

If anyone is around for the summer they desperately need foster homes.
Fostering is taking a dog into your home for a few weeks to give them a break from the kennels. They can return to K9 Friends on a date pre arranged with the shelter.
They have no small dogs available to foster, all of their dogs are medium sized and above and priority for fostering goes to our long timers.
Dogs that have been fostered are much easier to home as they have full reports from their foster homes which makes them more appealing. They will always find a dog that suits your situation and dogs will ALWAYS be taken back if fostered.

Please call our office on +971 4 887 8739 if you are interested in fostering.

missing-dogPet’s Name or Answers To: 
Last Seen or Found (when and where):  Jumeirah 2
Microchip Number:
Municipality Tag Number:
Collar Color: 
Pet’s Description: Male white and brown Chihuahua, 7 years old.
If found please contact: +971 50 585 8856

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