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So junior just received a dog for his birthday and you need to get his shots. You’ve just relocated your family pet to the UAE and its ready for a check up? The kids found an injured stray that’s in dire need of medical attention. If you’ve lived in Dubai for some time you may have Fido’s vet on speed-dial but perhaps this isn’t the closest vet to your home –  in an emergency, would you know which one is? Or maybe you’ve just relocated to Dubai and are looking for a vet. It is always a good idea to keep both the number of your preferred vet and the nearest vet to your home handy. For ease, Expat Echo Dubai has compiled a directory of vets across the Emirate. (more…)

Vet gives tips on setting up new pets after registrations increase

 Dr Sara - ExpatEchoDubai

Historically, January has the highest number of new pet registrations as a result of the festive season being a popular time to give gifts of new pets and, according to a Dubai-based veterinary hospital, this year has seen a particularly large increase.

British Veterinary Hospital, which has 36 staff and deals with more than 60 animal-related cases daily, saw a 12 per cent increase in new pets through their doors this January compared to 2017. According to the hospital, registrations speak by almost 60% in January, compared to other months.

Dr Sara Elliott, director at British Veterinary Hospital, provides tips on how to set up your new pet:

1.     Organise your pet’s first veterinary visit as soon as possible. With a new puppy or kitten, we perform an initial physical exam to look for any signs of illness or disorder, along with a variety of other tests to ensure your new pet starts off on the right ‘paw’.

2.     Register your pet with Dubai Municipality. If your new pet goes missing, the Municipality’s veterinary section has a central database which will enable your pet to be returned to you via your pet’s microchip. Pet registration is in fact mandatory and required to be updated annually.

3.     Annual vaccinations for Dhppi/L and Rabies for dogs, Flu/Enteritis and Rabies for cats are important vaccinations for your new pets, these too are annual and compulsory. 

Dr Elliott continues, “Even though your pet may appear healthy, they might be sick without you even knowing and can’t express some problems. However by instinct, they are also very good at compensating and hiding detectable signs or symptoms of disease from us.”

Tiger Lily, a stray kitten found in Dubai Marina was recently adopted by a young executive, Alexandra Williams, who found her near her apartment building. She says: “The cat, who I later named Tiger Lily, appeared to be perfectly healthy when I found her. However, when I took her into theveterinary hospital to get registered and examined, they informed me she had broken her hip, which is something I clearly wouldn’t have been able to detect by myself.

“It’s reassuring to know that she has had a full examination and we can go about trying to make her new life comfortable, without any nagging doubts or suspicions over her health.”

Regular vet check-ups and diagnostic tests can detect health problems early before they become life-threatening for animals. Wellness plans are a cost-effective way to reduce large vet bills and are structured to cover routine care expenses.

British Veterinary Hospital provides a special package for new pets, it includes: health check examination, Municipality registration, micro chipping, initial vaccinations including kennel cough, leukemia, ehrlichia and FIVFL testing along with other services..


ask louiseQuestionHi Louise, there is a really strong possibility that my husband and I will be moving to Dubai later in the year, however we have a 2 year old Golden Retriever and our main concerns are how he will cope with the heat and what opportunities there are for his exercise.

Any information you can provide on how dogs thrive happily, and best places to live that would provide some outdoor walking area would be extremely helpful. Read more

my-second-homeTHE world’s largest indoor dog park opens its doors over Easter to welcome guests of all shapes and sizes looking for an alternative to short walks around communities where they’re becoming less and less welcome.

My Second Home is the brainchild of a group of dog-loving marketing and sales specialists who’ve spotted a need to bridge the gap between boarding kennels and restrictive outdoor community play areas.

Situated in Dubai Investment Park and spread across the equivalent of 18 tennis courts – with two thirds indoors, the luxury pet resort and spa will eventually offer 200 luxury rooms and high-end suites together with indoor and outdoor pools. Guests can have their hotel room customised with favourite toys and comfort possessions and families will be able to keep an eye on them via webcam while away. Space-age 24/7 surveillance will also add peace of mind. Every room has a flat-screen tv and orthopaedic mattress. Read more

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