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My friend recently moved into a villa but had a problem getting their DEWA because they did not have any Title Deeds for the property.  Is this common? Read more

We are just trying to work out our package we are being offered for a job in Dubai and want to ask is the air-conditioning expensive and do you need it on all year round. Read more

The team at Expat Echo Dubai delved a little deeper into the costs associated with home air conditioning, which if you’re new to Dubai you’ll quickly realize is rampantly abbreviated to “AC” – in fact don’t be surprised if you’re met with blank stares when accidentally calling it by its full name. It seems near impossible for newcomers to imagine but for much of the year temperatures in the UAE soar between a bewildering 40 – 50 degrees, often accompanied by 80% humidity. Compared to many of our home countries, its summer all year round in Dubai and chasing the chill factor is a full time pursuit, whether in your car, office or at home. Enter AC. Read more

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