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Processed with MoldivWith the rather long steamy summer behind us now, brunch season is in full swing, so back by popular demand is this year’s Dubai round-up. I have purposely pulled together a selection that differs from 2013’s (which you can refer to here). You’ll find a mix of newbies, al fresco options, buffet, à la carte or the now mainstream, half-half brunch, plus many on Friday and some on Saturday – but bar one restaurant – what ties them together is free-flowing champagne (and am talking the real French deal), if you so wish to opt for that package.

All of these brunches are tried and tasted by myself or FooDiva’s guest reviewers. So voila, here’s FooDiva’s 2014 round-up of top 8 brunches in Dubai – in alphabetical order: Read more

Greg-Malouf-dish-300x287With Ramadan starting on Sunday and many of you not fasting, we’ve once again rounded up the independent restaurants and cafés open for daytime dining in Dubai throughout the holy month. All hotels and golf/ community clubs will also have at least one restaurant open – and there are plenty more outlets just open for take-away or delivery. Needless to say there’s no booze from dawn to sunset anywhere…well home and hotel rooms aside ;) .

We’re lucky we live in a tolerant Muslim society where many eateries do obtain a special licence to feed our expat appetites – but just be mindful of our Muslim friends, and patient with waiting staff who may be fasting.

This year we have nearly 60 stand-alone eateries open across Dubai for lunch, and in many cases breakfast and afternoon tea/ coffee too, so I have grouped them into districts for ease of reference. Huge credit and thank you to Geordie Armani who did most of the fact-checking this year – any inaccuracies blame me ;) . You can find her round-up here. Read more

Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five Pillars of Islam. The fast is observed each day from sunrise to sunset. Muslims rise before dawn to have a pre-fast meal which is called Suhoor and after dusk, they break their fast with the Iftar meal. Celebrating the holy month of Ramadan has become a fusion of culture and religion. Come Iftar and Suhoor families can be seen heading to either tents or popular restaurants in different hotels across Dubai. Most Iftar venues in hotels are bedecked with Arabic and Ramadan themes, others have gone beyond that by putting up special tents overlooking the most tranquil of surroundings and they all have their own special way of wooing families, with Iftar food specialties playing a major role. Read more

June is the month of sad farewells in Dubai as long and short-time expats depart our sandy shores.  A fun going away party is often spent at home with all the friends you have met over the years but we are sure the last thing you want to be thinking about on top of moving is cooking!

Fortunately, Dubai has an array of great outside catering companies which will rescue you from days spent in the kitchen filling canapés and polishing the glasses & cutlery.  These companies will arrive at your home with the food, tables, chairs, table cloths and even the waiters.  Many of the companies can provide anything ranging from a five course sit down dinner to the Shawarma man (secretly everyone’s favorite!). Read more

Al-Fanar-300x300Al Fanar – Dubai Festival City“Where do you go for local Emirati food in Dubai?” A question that I am asked a lot. Now, I would say head over to my grandmother’s kitchen where some of the best Emirati food is made (pronounced Emarati by the way). However, although my grandmother would love it, this doesn’t really answer the question.

And so I began to taste my way around every Emirati restaurant and café in Dubai, as well as spots serving Emirati dishes in search of the best. My journey was sometimes funny, other times horrific, but always enlightening.

It has left me much wiser and as such, here are my top 5 recommendations for eating Emirati food in Dubai – in no particular order: Read more

There are loads of Easter activities planned for the Easter weekend.  Easter Bunnies will be busy entertaining children in various locations throughout the city.  It will be an egg-citing time for the entire family!

Here is a listing of the Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday brunches happening over the Easter weekend in Dubai…

Read more

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