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As school breaks up for spring break and all you hear in the playground as you pick up your children is the exotic holidays your friends are about to embark on don’t be left feeling too depressed as this time of year is the best to be in UAE  -  the weather is perfect! Warm enough to swim in the sea with gorgeous cool evenings to sit outside and have a BBQ. Take advantage of it as it won’t be here for long. Read more

For many expats living in Dubai the holiday season will soon be upon us. Much time will be spent in the upcoming weeks discussing what exotic destinations each of us would love to visit. Most expats when relocating to Dubai take advantage of the fact that they are now located in what appears to be bang in the middle of the world, with flights available to almost any destination imaginable – the world is our oyster! But before you plan these epic journeys be sure to check the validity of your passport! Read more

Many expats in Dubai, may at this time of year feel like they are running a small guest house with the amount of visitors that pass through their doors.  Some of you will have had guests stay since the beginning of the festive season and are running out of sites to show them in and around Dubai so this weekend why not venture inland to the oasis city of Al Ain located just under 2 hours drive from Dubai. Read more

It’s that time of year again when my children start to remember there are old people in the world! That time of year when parents arrive in Dubai in their droves to escape the harsh winters of Europe and North America to spend time with their families. Read more

The Dos and Don’ts

Camping! The word conjures different emotions in people. Some are happy to hear it and can’t wait to head out, others do everything to avoid it. If you are new to living in the UAE, at some point you will be confronted by your family or friends wanting to go out camping. It is for this very first trip that the team at has put together this guide: a beginners (that is you) guide (includes all things you need to bring, do and prepare for) to camping (the great outdoors – sand, beach and mountains!) Read more

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