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Dubai City Sound

music-note-150x150Dubai City Sound is a non-profit, all-female chorus, whose members represent a broad cross-section of the many nationalities living in Dubai.

As a chorus, Dubai City Sound specializes in four-part barbershop singing. This involves four unaccompanied voice parts which blend and harmonize to replace the musical accompaniment in a song.

Joining members have a varying degree of vocal skill and experience but the main criteria is a love of singing and performing – and being able to hold a note whilst those around you sing something else! Barbershop singing is a continual journey of learning for all involved so we do try and organize occasional educational workshops plus members who have been singing for a longer period are always there to share their knowledge and skill at the weekly rehearsals.

We are extremely proud that Dubai City Sound is like a multi-cultural family, there to offer support during difficult times when ladies are away from their biological families and at their most vulnerable. We also actively stay in contact with our past members and so each year our family grows. Although we work hard we also have fun and meet regularly for social get-togethers.

If you would like to learn more about Dubai City Sound please contact Suzan on 050 154 4619 – or go to our Facebook page for more information


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