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Dubai Quilter’s Guild

Some years ago when I first came to Dubai I was seeking a group which shared my passion for craft work, especially quilting. For me, an Internet search yielded the contact details of a representative of Dubai quilters guild – a brief phone call later and I had a warm and welcoming invitation to attend a Dubai quilters guild meeting. That, as I said, was some years ago and much has changed in Dubai since then but I hope that that warm welcome has lasted and that any and all quilters visiting or relocating to Dubai will find us a friendly and passionate group within which they can continue to explore and pursue their quilting ambitions.

A typical Sunday Dubai Quilters Guild meeting will see up to 65 of our 80+ members gathering together for a morning of fun, friendship, shared quilting experiences, occasional competition, demonstrations, lectures, chatter, coffee and maybe even a spot of après meeting lunch.

The monthly meeting is our milestone event but it is by no means our only get together. The goal of Dubai Quilters Guild is to promote the art of quilt making in Dubai and to provide a forum within which quilters of all levels, from beginner to seasoned expert, can hone their skills and share the passion which all quilters share. The pursuit of this goal in the past year has seen us organise weekly local meetings, charity events, lessons ranging from beginner level to more advanced techniques, workshops lasting from a few hours to multi-day retreats, shopping expeditions, even visits to quilting extravaganzas and overseas shows. We are an active and enthusiastic, cheerful (mostly) and supportive group which is open to, and happily welcomes, new members. If you are in Dubai and a quilter, or if you are interested to see what we get up to, feel free to contact us or come along to one of our monthly meetings – we would love to meet you.

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By: Maureen Wilson
Club President

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