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Making New Friends with the Ranches Ladies

Romanian expat Clementina Kongslund  moved to Dubai with her Danish husband in May 2010.  She guides us through what led her to join the Ranches Ladies!

Shortly after settling in to Dubai, I gave birth to our daughter in August. I knew nobody here and I didn’t have many possibilities to meet other people due to my condition.  I saw the Arabian Ranches Ladies Club flyer at my community swimming pool and thought it was a great opportunity to meet my neighbours, at least. I joined the club in September and I haven’t missed a meeting since, and now, I am the Group Coordinator.

I was attracted mainly by the Tuesday Coffee Morning, which is a weekly meeting. Every Tuesday, at 9.30, the members meet at Arabian Ranches Golf Club. Visitors and newcomers are introduced to the club activities by the ”greeting ladies”. Even if it is called Arabian Ranches Ladies Club, there are members from other communities, such as The Springs, The Greens, The Green Community etc. Not to mention the variety of nationalities and ages. Even though the common language is English, one can hear conversations in German, French or Hindi. Every week, there is a speaker or a demonstration from different areas of interest like fitness, alternative medicine, recycling, nutrition, fashion etc. During the summer holiday there is no speaker, but we still meet for a coffee.

Beside the weekly morning, members can attend groups activities. As you can see on our website there are many activities members can get involved in: gardening, literature, poetry, craft, walking, spa trips, movie trips. Ladies with dogs have their own groups: small, medium and large dogs play groups. Once a month, a trip to a special place is organised. One of the most successful trips was at the Camel Milk Factory. The number of participants was so high that it was organized three times in one month with  the fourth visit coming soon.

Ranches Ladies is involved in charitable work and supports the Al Ihsan Charity in Ajman, UAE. Four children have the opportunity to go to school due to the money donated by the Ranches Ladies.

Joining the club is the best thing you can do if you like to socialize, meet new people or if you are a newcomer to Dubai.

Join the club and enjoy Dubai!

By: Clementina Kongslund
Member of the Ranches Ladies

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4 Responses to “Making New Friends with the Ranches Ladies”

  1. G. Mckelvy says:

    Great blog posting. I’ll definitely check back here every now and then to check out your site. Take care!

  2. Susant says:

    Sure a good place to unwind and mix up with people . Since I am a forced bachelor now , may be my wife can look forward to join this wonderful group once she joins me .

    Will surely keep tab on the activities .

  3. Mahrukh says:

    I am trying to become a member of ranches ladies club but the website is not working properly i think. Any email id or numbers where i can get in touch?

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