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Motorsports in Dubai

Fans of Expat Echo Dubai are always asking what’s new and happening in Dubai? We are never disappointed! Life in Dubai is colorful, fast and furious and never more so than with the growth of motorsports – for all. Children and adults of both sexes are increasingly looking for leisure and competitive motorsports. Dubai has embraced this adrenalin fueled request from expats and locals alike. Our expat home offers so much in the way of motorsports for the spectator and the partaker, from Desert Dune Bashing (the offer of a coral desert offers a different dimension to the sport), to the ever popular, younger sport of motor cross.

There’s a highly competitive streak in the biker community of Dubai with Sports Bikes versus the Harley’s. For the kids and tourists there’s much to sample – Quads and Go-Karting are suitable for all ages and abilities. The two wheeled motorsports however, remains the most popular and growing sport on the planet!

Dubai also offers much in the way of meet-up groups and venues for the hot-headed hot rods, recently welcoming the opening of the ‘Biker Cafe‘ on Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai. The Biker Cafe is based on the extremely successful Australian biker cafe concept, Deus. Bringing together bikers, and motorsports lovers in general, along with their families to eat good food, buy merchandise and meet like-minded motorsports enthusiasts.

The Biker Cafe throws in several large TV screens to boot, so that fans can catch the latest televised races in real-time from all over the globe! This isn’t quite enough for some petrol heads and so the Biker Cafe has its own blog, sharing all-things-bike with the biker community in Dubai so they can chat, chat, chat till their heart’s content.

The Biker Cafe provides an interesting mix of expats and Emiratis, sharing common ground. It’s a bit of a pit stop for old classic bikes, sports bikes and the chrome bling of the Harley-Davidson, all sitting comfortably side-by-side. The cafe is also the only cafe of its type to offer traditional Arabic breakfasts alongside the usual western fare, so it’s one for the foodies as well!

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