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Move One Relocations Proud to Sponsor Young Motocross Champion

IMG_0994Occupation: Student
Nationality: British-Namibian
Age: 15
After receiving his first motorbike at age five, Darren hasn’t looked back. He now speeds through the tracks as a rider for the Move One Relocations Team winning titles, the most recent of which at the Umm Al Quwain Championship.

How long have you been doing motocross?
Since I was about two I have always been fascinated by bikes, so when I turned five my parents bought me an old Honda 50ccand I have been riding and racing since.  That makes 10 years now. Motocross is an extremely hard and exciting sport. I love the adrenaline rush I get from it. Many of my friends and family members rode and some still ride today.

Where do you usually train?
I ride at the Dubai Motocross Club. When I’m not riding or during the summer, Ikeep myself fit in the gym. I have a PT, Taylor Hamilton, and I train with him twice a week. On some other days I go with my dad to Optimal Fitness. This summer, I will have the opportunity to train in Germany for two weeks, which I am really excited about.

What are the challenges you face in this sport?
The only way to be physical fit is to go to gym, as well as training on the track. For mental fitness, I get loads of encouragement and motivation from my parents, who are always telling me to think positively, ride the best that I can, to stay focused and never give up! I also visualise the night before and go over the track in my mind and practicing starts.

Your family is supportive of your sport?
My dad used to ride and my uncle back in Namibia used to race motocross too.  My younger brother Greg used to ride but stopped at the age of 10. My family gives me a lot of support. My mum makes sure I eat the right food and I stay hydrated especially on hot race days. My dad takes me to all the race meetings and my mum comes out later just before the races start. They love watching me ride and she also takes some pictures.

What’s your best riding moment so far?
I just love the feeling of speed and it is an individual sport. It just grabbed me from a young age and it’s awesome watching bikes flying through the air and ripping up dirt – it’s a great feeling. I would have to say my best moment was winning the Oki Printing Trophy, which is presented to the youngest rider with the highest points scored during one season. That was awesome!

What have you learned from this sport?
I’ve learned how to stay positive, to respect other competitors and what competition is all about. I’ve learned how to change an engine, how to rebuild engines and also how to judge speed and distance.

How do you want to encourage other teens and kids to try this sport?
It’s a great sport as it is an extreme sport.  It is also very sociable and I get to meet people from all over Dubai. MX is fun, challenging and it is also a family day out.  I am often in my own little world; it is good to try different sports as you never know what you may or may not enjoy.

Which race athletes do you look up to?
I look up to guys like James Stewart and Ryan Dungy as they both have different riding styles and I have learnt a lot about riding conservatively and riding on the edge.

Darren 3

Article Courtesy of Outdoor UAE

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