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Move One Supports Local Motocross Rider

Darren-Berry-Poster-e1362034672371-150x150Congratulations to Move One Sponsored Darren Berry on his 1st and 2nd Place Finishes

From the age of 2 Darren dreamed of becoming a Motocross athlete and realized his dream at the young age of 5. He started out riding a very old Honda 50cc with only a helmet, goggles, chest protector, and gloves. The rest of his equipment came as he got older as small sizes were very difficult to find.

Motocross has always been a passion of Darren’s. He revels in the challenge that every race and training session brings and that with hard work comes success. The DMX circuit is a small community which has given Darren an opportunity to meet friends outside of school who share his love of motocross.To Read More Click Here

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