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New Beginnings

active-sports-academy-logoAt this time of year it feels as if Dubai is a giant awaking from its summer hibernation. Those long hot months where much of the population either leaves the country or lies low, are suddenly forgotten as an influx of residents and new comers get to grips with the energy of our wonderful city in full flow. These months mark a fresh start for many, with children starting or changing school, new jobs and for some a whole new life in a new country. In the hustle and bustle of such a busy backdrop it can often feel difficult to establish or re-establish a social network and that feeling of isolation can very quickly detract from the excitement & possibilities in this vibrant city. There are several on-line expat groups and forums such as this Expat Echo Dubai, which can help you feel welcome and included – but how about coming at it from a different angle?

Sport is good for everyone. Apart from increasing fitness and therefore the feeling of wellbeing, there is an undeniable social side to sport that can be a great leveler and open social doors to everyone. Starting from the youngest members of our community, Water-babies offers children from 4months to 3yrs that chance to learn water confidence in our country of many unguarded pools, whilst the involvement of the parents in the water gives the chance to make contact with many other parents, in a relatable environment. Our Learn-to-Swim programme follows on from 3 years of age right through to adult beginners and improver’s. Whether you swim for exercise or to keep up with your children, there is always a pool nearby in Dubai. The ASPS Swim Squads take swimming to a whole new level and enjoy a strong sense of team membership that extends to the dedicated parents who support them.

Moving on to ball games, Soccer is a fantastic sport played almost instinctively all over the world. Children’s sessions start from 3years and we love to see the proud parents on the side-lines, sharing their children’s sporting achievements with other like-minded parents. For those who have not lost their love of the “beautiful game” as they have grown up, Adult Pay&Play sessions and regular Tournaments provide a great outlet and chance to meet and cheer with others.

If your sporting preferences lie elsewhere, Basketball can also be a great way to feel part of something, whether you are on the court or in the stands. Tennis is a very special sport that successfully caters to all abilities and all ages and who knows, with a good coach you could be channeling your inner sporting hero.

Tennis also gives a perfect chance for Adult couples to participate together, not something you find often. To wrap up our list of sporting disciplines, we must include Gymnastics and Cheerleading, both fabulous for improving balance, concentration and discipline in our young generation. From the little Gymnasts performing simple exercises in the school hall, right up to the older Cheerleaders performing in front of thousands of people at a public event, the pleasure in their movements is obvious.

With such a wide list of ideas we hope that you too can feel the benefit of sport. Whatever you choose and at whatever level you involvement, everyone gets something good out of sport. ACTIVATE YOURSELF!

Article Courtesy of
Carole Worrall, Active Sports Academy. Bringing you premium professional Sports Coaching, Tournaments and Children’s Holiday Camps, all across Dubai since 1994.

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