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Online Groups for French Speakers in Dubai

frane-ladies-dubaiFrench Ladies Dubai was created over a year ago, and now has over 1,600 lady members. Yes! It is a group 100% for women, with the objective to help each other here in Dubai and the others Emirates, share information, tips and so on. We all know that Expat life is not that easy, especially for women!

As well as helping each other out the group organizes events.  When possible they hold an event once a month for  newcomers, to socialize and share their experiences. However, if any member lady wants to meet with the others at any other time, she can do so and post it on the page.

They also deal with professionals, (Beauty salon, doctors, restaurants…) and accept ads from professionals or individuals who has a business but only if they offer special discounts to their ladies.  The group is hoping to create a membership card which their ladies can use to avail discounts.  They are also in the process of producing a directory with “deals” and useful contacts which will be available on their facebook page.

Obviously, French Ladies Dubai is a non-profit making group! You can find them by clicking here.


Francodubai was created by a Belgian Doctor who has been living in Dubai for over 20 years.

In May 2001 he decided to launch a forum/blog for French speakers called Francodubai. It grew by leaps and bounds and now boasts several thousands members, mostly families.  This group is popular with the  “email generation” like the founder!

Then, when facebook became popular, he created a facebook version of Francodubai and this now has almost 2000 members. Again, primarily for families, but who are younger than those on the other forum.

___________________________________________________, is a French portal in Dubai, offering users a variety of services to its members. wants to be a link between the Middle East and the French wanting to learn about the region or those who wishing to emigrate.  The site is full of ideas and places to stay and prepare and enjoy at best.


“Les Nouveaux Aventuriers – Dubaï” (LNA) which means in English The New Explorers is a Closed Facebook Group for both English & French Speakers.  It was created two years ago by two fellow French friends who thought that the French connection was missing in Dubai.

It was introduced to the Dubai French community as a social media platform for a dynamic, entertaining, and supportive exchange of experiences in Dubai.The group is very active with about 200 posts and comments per day and welcomes about 15 new members everyday. It is the leading French speakers or learners group in the GCC and  now boasts close to 6,000 members.  It has 5 administrators who are close friends to ensure its content is always of high quality and dynamic. All request to join the group are thoroughly filtered.

Members help each other discover Dubai, to settle down, to look for jobs, or to mingle and hang out! 
It is open to all and, therefore, is accessible to young and old alike, to the Francophone community or those who want to discover it. The group aims to share in members information, ads, demands, emotions, or anything  else such as 
 tips and mishaps. LNA organizes events on a regular basis (and now the cooler months have arrived they will have even more!).  They also have a members “e-card” for discounts around town in diverse places such as restaurants, entertainment activities, furniture store, and night clubs.

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