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Photography Courses

It’s been a month since you’ve received your fancy new DSLR camera for Christmas and you are still shooting on automatic.  Having spent a few minutes reading the manual, you still don’t really understand how your camera functions.  Sound familiar?  Don’t fret, there are photography lesson offered right here in Dubai for beginners as well as amateur photographers who want to learn some new skills.  It’s time for you to use your camera to its full potential!

The very popular Gulf Photo Plus offers beginners, intermediate as well as a macro-photography courses.  These courses are usually offered in the evenings on during weekends.  Each course is a total of 8 hours and is taught by seasoned photographers. After each course, students get to upload their work onto the GPP website to be critiqued by classmates as well as the instructors.  GPP also provides additional learning materials, such as printable notes and a DVD.  Every year, GPP holds a week long photography workshop event  which features workshops, seminars and exhibitions from renown photographers around the world.  GPP 2012 will be held from March 5-10th featuring once again the ever popular Joe Mcnally  and many more!  GPP 2012 is a great place to learn more on photography once you have mastered the basics of your camera.

Tiffany Schultz offers an Introduction to Photography course at DUCTAC.  The course is aimed for beginners who will learn the basics of their camera through a hands on approach.  The course runs for 4 hours during a 4 week period. Not only will their students be introduced to the technical aspects of photography but they will also be given composition tips on how to take better photos.

Click here for more photography workshop options!

In the end, if these courses do not fit your schedule, online photography courses are widely available. The Picture Perfect School of Photography (PPSOP) offers great interactive online courses by famous photography instructor Bryan Peterson.  Courses are offered for beginners, intermediate as well as the more advanced who are looking to turn their hobby into their career. has thorough and interactive online courses.  They offer four and eight week courses on a range of technical and creative subjects. Also available are courses on specific camera models to help complete beginners learn their new toy!

Have you taken photography lessons in Dubai?  Give us your reviews in the comments below!

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19 Responses to “Photography Courses”

  1. Harry says:

    Good news. Thanks for that.

  2. Lenore Besendorfer says:

    Really useful, cool, : ).

  3. Shirley J says:

    Great article I’ve just added to my bookmark list.

  4. Shelby says:

    yes! i love it!

  5. Samir Sayed says:

    Hi this is Samir i am interested in learning photography pls advice me the name & daress for the same in Duadi



  6. Angel says:

    Can I get the contact number of this place please?

    • Wendy says:

      Hi Angel, Please click on the link to the place you are interested in (the names in blue are live links to their websites). You will find contact details there. Hope that helps.

  7. syed kazim raza says:

    hi sir i am interested to do professional camera training can any one help 4 this please do let me knw ASAP

    • Wendy says:

      Hi Syed, Please contact the companies linked in the article, they will be able to offer you courses.

  8. Inas says:

    Please Can you tell me where I can take lighting courses.


  9. Shadwa says:

    I’m 12 and almost 13..
    My one and only hobby is photography.
    I have a Canon 550D and I really don’t know how to use it’s options..
    It will be a great pleasure if you give me the number, the address and the age required..
    This will really mean a lot to me..
    Thank you..

    • Wendy says:

      Hi Shadwa,
      Gulf Photo Plus has just moved to a new location and now has a classroom with studio. They are now offering the option of having one-on-one classes with their instructors. Please contact them to see what the age requirements are.
      +9714 380 8545


  10. Malikah says:

    Hello There!
    Well, I am really interested in doing a professional photography course in Dubai… Please may I know the procedure on how and where to apply for the course? Thank you! Will be waiting for your prompt reply.
    With warm regards,

    • Alexis says:

      Hi Malikah, Please click on the link to the place you are interested in (the names in blue are live links to their websites). You will find contact details there. Hope that helps.

  11. Admin says:

    International Institute of Art & Photography is a dedicated institute for serious education and training in visual and performing arts. Established in UAE and aspiring to be an apex global institution, IIAP is run by a team experienced not only in visual arts, but also in academics, business and management, giving it a multidimensional capability. We will assure that students going out of IIAP are ready to take on any challenge be it about creativity or the business side of visual arts.

    We have many running programs, and indeed keep launching new and creative programs very often. Please send us an email on to remain informed. Please click here to read more about us.

  12. Ahmed says:

    Any real reviews from people who actually tried, enjoyed and benefited from these places?

  13. sunil says:

    hello i am sunil i have nikon D3100 D7000 camera i want lern photo graphy course plz help me i am in dubai

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