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Welcome the Year of the Dragon by Learning to Dragon Boat

23rd of January marks Chinese New Year and for 2012, that means the year of the Dragon.

What a fantastic idea, in this year of the dragon, to take up dragon boating – an ancient sport that is steeped in 2,000 years of Chinese history.
The sport is becoming increasingly popular here in the UAE, attracting women like The CNCF Barracuda Paddlers – a team of working professionals and busy mums in search of fitness and fun.  Based at the Dubai Marina Yacht Club, the multi-national team of all ages welcomes both experienced paddlers, and first timers (are shown the correct paddling techniques), to join them in this exhilarating sport.  Paddling from the West Marina, just a quick 5 min walk from the Dubai Marina Yacht Club, the 1 hour training sessions take place three times a week – Monday & Wednesday sessions start at 0815, and the Saturday session starts at 07.30.   Most women choose to do at least two sessions a week – there can be few better ways to start the day than being out on those sun-dappled waters in the company of infectiously enthusiastic paddlers, and once you get started – it becomes addictive!

Monday 16th January, saw the first of the club’s newbie sessions aimed specifically at beginners who are keen to get involved in the sport, but might feel a bit daunted by diving straight in there with the experienced paddlers.    Newbie sessions take place every Monday and Wednesday throughout January from 09 45am to 10 30am and all are welcome.  It’s fun and will challenge your fitness.

To find out more visit us on facebook or go to our website.

Make this year of the dragon – your year for dragon boating!
All paddlers are welcome to join either the existing sessions or the beginner sessions.  To find out more information contact Margie on: 050 738 3949/050 552 1796 or email

For a list of all the Dragon-boat clubs in Dubai click here

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