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Support Groups in Dubai

There is no doubt about it moving to a new country can be overwhelming.

More often than not we arrive with a huge container but no extended family or support network.  Family members can obviously never be replaced but making new friends can be done (in time) as long as you join in with activities whether it be through work, school or hobbies.  However, there are often times where you need that extra support and would like to meet people who are in a similar situation to you whether it be to meet families with twins or children with Special Needs.  Maybe you are going through a divorce and need to speak to other people going through the same thing – Dubai is full of people with initiative who have set up some really useful groups that can help you through the ups and down of life in Dubai.

All 4 Down Syndrome Support Groups
The majority of the members have children with Down’s syndrome. The group’s aim is to support families, create awareness among the general public, bring expertise from abroad with the aim of training professionals and parents to an international standard for special needs, thereby creating the same opportunities for children in the UAE.

Phone: 050 880 9228

Dubai Autism Centre

Dubai Autism Centre (DAC) provides specialized services for children with Autism, parents of the children with Autism and the sections of the society involved in Autism. DAC provides education, home based program, pre-vocational training, assessment and diagnoses services, information and resources, awareness programs, training and research opportunities.

Phone: 04 398 6862
Location: Satwa

Dubai Centre for Special Needs
The Dubai Center for Special Needs is an established, non-profitable institution that specialized education and therapy for children with various disabilities.

Phone: 04 344 0966
Location: Jumeirah, close to Safa Park

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children
Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) is the first licensed non-profit shelter in the UAE for women and children who are victims of domestic violence, child abuse or human trafficking. DFWAC aims to protect physically, sexually, and emotionally abused women and children, prevent ongoing abuse and the escalation of violence, and promote social awareness through education and outreach.

Phone: 04 606 0300

Human Relations Institute Dubai
Have many support groups including depression, eating disorders, drugs & alcohol

Leaves Dubai
A support group offering information and advice for expats in Dubai experiencing or having experienced separation or divorce

Multiplied UAE
MUAE offers all, from expectant mother to seasoned parent, a chance to exchange stories and share valuable experiences and advice on raising multiples. Membership is currently free of charge.

Phone: 050 295 6235

Out of the Blues
Out of the Blues is a support group and a forum for mums suffering post natal illness (PNI) here in Dubai. We offer an online forum and support network via the five Blue Angels.

The Blue Angels are expat mums who have experienced PNI (also called post natal depression) and together we are determined to help all the other mums in Dubai suffering from PNI in their “hour of need”. You do not need to suffer alone.

Preemie Parenting Dubai
Each year thousand of premature are born within UAE. This group has been created to provide support to parents whose babies are currently in the NICU and preemies who have been discharged and are now at home.

Raymee Grief Centre
Raymee Grief Center is a pro-bono initiative that provides education and free grief support groups to the children, teens, and adults of the UAE.

Small & Mighty – Dubai Babies Born a Little Too Soon
they meet on a monthly basis to share stories, experiences and the memories of how their tiny babies are growing.

Support for Chronic Diseases at GNC Dubai
A support group is a monthly meeting of 5-10 people, having one thing in common, impaired quality of life due to a chronic disease. You may be a sufferer or a caregiver, a family member or a friend. In the support group you will gain the knowledge and the power to improve your quality of life and to improve their chronic disease itself. The support group is hosted by Mr. Jared Alden, one of our counsellors with the most experience in chronic diseases. From time to time we will invite Doctors and Specialists to answer specific questions about latest treatments, medication etc. However, a support group is not a group therapy.


TwinsPlus ME
A community support group for Twins, Triplets and More in the UAE and surrounding region.

Working mothers Group
An opportunity for working mothers to connect, arrange playdates to suit your schedule and share experiences and advice about the challenges of raising a family and career commitments.




Do you know a support group that should be listed here, please send an e-mail to info@expatechodubai

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