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UAE Mums

UAE Mums Eid Milan at Dubai Grand ExcelsiorUAE Mums was founded in 2013 and now has more than 8000 members.  It aims to bring all women particularly Mums in the UAE closer together.  They have been conducting meet-ups and events every month in Sharjah, Ajman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi and have already organised 19 meet ups with women residing in UAE.

In addition to that, the group run charity events each month. They have a number of charitable causes and contributions planned for the future and this year  have run four successful charities where the focus was mainly on the welfare of laborers.

The group also have a UAE Mums Recipes and Hobbies page UAE Mums classifieds page and a UAE Mums blog

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  1. MRS N.A.B says:

    I’m really glad as part of this with different good ideas. Very helpful even any matter of life. Lovely mums with lovely ideas. Special thank to hena A.Khan .
    outstanding management. Super caring admins. Love this group. Have much more to say about this group & founder of this group. 🙂

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