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Drinking Water Delivery Companies

For those new to Dubai, staying cool and hydrated in the desert can present a challenge with year round temperate conditions. Needless to say keeping the family fully hydrated during the hotter summer months (May to October), when the mercury can rise to temperatures of 40 degrees plus, is of paramount importance.  For easy accessibility, availability and as an economical option to meeting your family’s demand you may consider installing a water-cooler in your home. To help you keep your cool Expat Echo Dubai has put together the following directory of all the bottled water companies in Dubai, making it easier for you to weigh your options and contact them for a quote.

Albayan Water
Tel:  +971 4 885 1288

Al Shalal Pure Drinking Water
Tel:  +971 800 4342

Culligan Water
Tel:  +971 800 4945

Early Bird Dubai
Tel:  +971 800 EARLY

Falcon Spring
Tel:  971 800 6669

Liquid of Life
Tel:  +971 4 441 9236

Tel:  +971 800 5455

Tel:  +971 800 4404

Oasis Water
Tel:  +971 600 522 261

Palm Spring Pure Water
Tel:  +971 4 886 7232

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