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Move One Helps Make a Difference in Iraq

2l4x3dpzhuzeMove One is committed to supporting the SEED (Social, Education and Economic Development) Foundation with it’s mission to promote humanitarian assistance in Iraqi Kurdistan. Move One and SEED recently collaborated on their refugee rehabilitation center project in Akre, Kurdistan. Aside from providing much needed relief to the almost 13,000 (Iraq has an estimated 70,000 internally displaced people) men, women and children residing in the Akre camp, SEED has established a training enter which provides life skills education to the residing men and women who are bravely trying to rebuild their lives. In an effort to enhance the program, Move One delivers their used, wooden shipping pallets that are needed for the Furniture Building Program set up to provide the men with helpful, new skill sets.

To learn more about how the SEED Foundation is helping those displaced by ISIS and Move One’s involvement with the SEED Center, please take a minute to watch this video: 

Move One will continue supporting the SEED Foundation’s Livelihood Training Program to equip both men and women with skills that will enable them to provide for their families in a safe and dignified manner.

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