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Dubai Expat Exit Interview – Ana

This week’s Exit Interview is from Portuguese expat Ana.

Sum up your experience of being an expat living in Dubai
Was here for keeping family together though family quality time very little at times experience best described it’s been a long holiday living in Dubai, had the opportunity to visit near by countries and no major headaches or fights financially.

How long have you been living in Dubai?
6 yrs.

What have you loved most about living in Dubai?
Comfortable life style.

What will you miss the least about living in Dubai?
Heat and dust.

What is your fondest memory of your time spent living in Dubai?
Comfort living with family.

Where are you moving to now?
The UK.

If you could take one thing with you from Dubai, what would it be?
1 per cent of the sun!

The best piece of advice you would offer an expat new to Dubai?
Take nothing for granted always think of tomorrow stay within the laws make the most of it and be prepared for big compromises when it comes family quality time.
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The team at Expat Echo Dubai would like to feature your expat musings of your likes (and dislikes) of living in Dubai in our Expat Exits section.

If you’re leaving Dubai please complete our 5 minute interview and submit your answers along with a profile picture (in JPEG format).

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