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Dubai Expat Interview – Dave Charnley

dave-charnleyThis week’s Into-yous features English expat Dave Charnley

Tell us a little about yourself:
I am a 53 year old married man with two children – Mia, 25 Doctor in UK, Samuel, Head of Schools Curriculum for Cricket at the ICC Academy Dubai.
I love all sports, outdoor life and Sunshine. I am having a second lease of life here in Dubai feeling 23 not 53.

When did you move to Dubai and what brought you here:
I moved here 9 weeks ago and the reason for moving to Dubai apart from being closer to my son is to have a real blast in a new environment in a new field of work in a new country. I feel like I have a good 10 years ahead of me and wanted to go back to the beginning and start again – and I love it !!

Have you been an expat elsewhere and if so, where?

The best advice you were given to prepare you for life in Dubai:
The same advice I give my Clients, Make sure you go home with more money than you arrived with but make the most of the lifestyle whilst here in Dubai.

What surprised you most about Dubai?
The attitude of everyone. If you are doing well in the UK people think you are doing something illegal, If you are doing well in Dubai everyone thinks you work hard. Everyone I have met wants me to to do well – refreshing and uplifting.

What area do you live in?
Dubai Sports City, Canal Residence, Far enough from the bright lights when I want a quiet night with the family, near enough when a big night is on the cards.

If money were no object, where would you most like to live in Dubai?
Probably on one of the Golf courses, maybe even the new Trump Estate.

Your favourite Arabic word or phrase you have learned so far:
Shukran (well it has only been 9 weeks)

Your least favourite word or phrase you have adopted since moving to Dubai:
Power Hour

What has been your best experience in Dubai to date?
Playing the Yas Links Golf Course and signing my first Client.

Where do you hope to spend your next holiday?
Indian Ocean with the wife – No Kids even though they are grown up.

Who is the person you most miss when you are in Dubai?
My wonderful wife Kate, who hopefully will join me here next year. Also my daughter Mia.

What is your favourite restaurant in Dubai?

What grocery item do you most miss from your home country?

When friends and family visit you in Dubai where will you absolutely take them?

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