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Dubai Expat Interviews – Clementina Kongslund

This week’s Into-yous features Romanian expat Clementina Kongslund.

Tell us a little about yourself
I am not for long in Dubai but I have found a very nice community in Arabian Ranches that makes me feel like home. I am the founder of the business directory Business Women of Arabian Ranches, a tool for women living here which helps them promote their home-based small businesses. I added a Blog feature where I post events and news of BWOAR’s members.

When did you move to Dubai and what brought you here?
I moved to Dubai at the end of May last year. My husband got a job offer here and I was very happy to explore another culture.

Have you been an expat elsewhere and if so, where?
I had only one experience of being an expat before, when I was a student and I studied for my Master of Arts degree in UK.

The best advice you were given to prepare you for life in Dubai
I didn’t receive much advice as we knew nobody here. But my husband, who had arrived a few months before me, advised me to wear appropriate clothes when in public places.

What surprised you most about Dubai?
That I do not feel constrained by an Islamic culture.

What area do you live in?
I live in Arabian Ranches, in a rented townhouse.

If money were no object, where would you most like to live in Dubai?
I haven’t visited many residential areas in Dubai so still Arabian Ranches is my favorite.

Your favorite Arabic word or phrase you have learned so far
I like the Ramadan greeting “Ramadan kareem”. It reminds me of my country where we have greetings associated with religious celebrations.

Your least favorite word or phrase you have adopted since moving to Dubai
“The worst customer service ever”. I said it so many times that I don’t know which company has it after all.

What has been your best experience in Dubai to date?
The short trips with our dogs in the desert. I enjoy it every time because the desert is different every time, depending on the time of the day.

Where do you hope to spend your next holiday?
I hope to take a cruise.

Who is the person you most miss when you are in Dubai?
I certainly miss my mother. She was always a great support for me.

What is your favorite restaurant in Dubai?
I am still exploring and try not to eat at the same restaurants, but I have returned a couple of times to WAFI Gourmet.

What grocery item do you most miss from your home country?
I miss my tarama salata. I’m still looking for places where I can buy fish eggs to prepare it at home.

When friends and family visit you in Dubai where will you absolutely take them?
To Dubai Mall to see the dancing fountains.

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