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Dubai Expat Interviews – Emily Cheyne

This week’s Into-yous features British expat Emily Cheyne.

Tell us a little about yourself
I’ve been based in Dubai for three years now and during this time have retrained, taking a completely different career path and opened my own business: Know How Group. Dubai certainly is a place for opportunities and that really empowered me to do something about my career ambition and ideas.

When did you move to Dubai and what brought you here
I moved out here in May 2008. It was a pretty smooth transition as I stayed with the same company I worked for in London: same company, different temperature!

Have you been an expat elsewhere and if so, where
No. I had never even thought about working abroad before, but my old company presented this option and at the time felt right.

The best advice you were given to prepare you for life in Dubai
DON’T ever convert back the price of things into British pounds… too much of a shock!

What surprised you most about Dubai
Probably the driving… that surprises me everyday!

If money were no object, where would you most like to live in Dubai
Emirates Hills – in one of the gorgeous big villas over looking the golf course… ahhhh bliss

Your favorite Arabic word or phrase you have learned so far
Shukran – thank you

Your least favorite word or phrase you have adopted since moving to Dubai

What has been your best experience in Dubai to date
Ha there’s been lots! Getting engaged at Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa was a big high, and so was winning the ADCB Emirates Woman Ambition Award last year

Where do you hope to spend your next holiday
Well the next holiday will be my honeymoon so hopefully somewhere relaxing, beautiful and with lots of interesting culture we can explore.

Who is the person you most miss when you are in Dubai
Family: mum, dad, brother, sister in law and their beautiful daughter Erin

What is your favorite restaurant in Dubai
Ruth Chris’ Steak House – definitely recommend the fillet with lobster tail and the cheesecake – heaven!

What grocery item do you most miss from your home country
Probably Muller Light raspberry and cranberry yoghurts!

When friends and family visit you in Dubai where will you absolutely take them
To the beach, to Dubai Mall and to a nice restaurant with a view.

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I moved to Dubai in July 1998 when my husband got a job out here.

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