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Abu Dhabi Has New Recycling Program

A new door-to-door recycling initiative now in the pilot phase in Khalifa City B could set the example for the rest of the capital, as the city tries to implement best waste management practices this year. The pilot program, which began in Khalifa City B in January, targets 1,700 homes and works in conjunction with an awareness campaign in the same neighborhood. “There has definitely been an increase in recycling. A lot of people use the system and are happy,” said Nada Khamees, the education and awareness coordinator at the Centre for Waste Management. “We want to reuse these materials, and we want to give people an understanding of the culture and tradition of recycling.”

The emirate of Abu Dhabi generates about 4.7 million metric tonnes of waste per year, according to the Centre for Waste Management (CWM), and that number could to rise to 31m tonnes a year by 2030 if more environmentally friendly practices are not put in place.

The amount of waste generated by UAE residents is among the highest in the world. In Abu Dhabi, every resident is responsible for up to 2.5kg of household waste per day. In 2008-2009, the overall recycling and composting rate was just above three per cent.

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