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Future Green 2012 in Dubai

Future Green 2012 to inspire, motivate, educate on how to green our life.

Goumbook has partnered with EMAAR Dubai Marina Mall to launch Future Green 2012 on November 22nd and 23rd . Future Green is the UAE’s first exhibition designed to promote environmental awareness and eco-friendly products and services, supporting eco-wise consumer behavior and sustainable living in the UAE.

The Future Green 2012 event will take place this year on November 22nd and 23rd 2012 at Dubai Marina Mall. This yearly event taking place for the third year will bring together thousands of savvy shoppers to experience eco-friendly products and services covering different categories, including Food & Beverage, Leisure & Travel, Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Business & Technology, Environmental Science, Transportation, and Government. The Future Green event will offer many activities for the entire family and will feature many of the local green initiatives from Dubai and the UAE.

Future Green is an initiative by Goumbook that was successfully launched in 2010 in Dubai and a large number of local companies active in the region have already confirmed their attendance, as well as leading environmental organizations such as the Emirates Wildlife Society (EWS-WWF). The event is also supported by DEWA, Dubai Municipality and the Environmental Centre for Arab Towns.

Future Green is also aimed at strengthening the role of UAE’s industrial and business sectors and their bid to adopt and implement more green policies and sustainable strategies.

This year main sponsors are Averda, Aramex and Organic Foods and Café’.

Averda, the largest environmental solutions provider within the MENA region, is the Official Recycling Sponsor of Future Green 2012, and will be showcasing their exciting new recycling initiative, the region’s first Reverse Vending Machine (REVA), allowing consumers to participate in “doing good” in their communities through recycling.
“Averda is committed to changing public behavior and attitude towards waste reduction and recycling in the region, and Goumbook’s Future Green is a commendable platform that allows us to reach out to the community, and encourage people to play a positive role in making the UAE a greener place. During the event, we will be showcasing an innovative recycling solution by ReVa; a reverse vending machine that accepts empty plastic bottles and aluminum cans in exchange for rewards. Last year we planted about 650 Ghaf trees after our participation, and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration this year as well.” Youssef Barakeh, ReVa Brand Manager.

For Aramex, Sustainability is a strategy. Corporate activism is embedded in their business model, and a reflection of how Aramex chooses to exist and operate. As the first company in the region to report on its sustainable practices, Aramex continues to be accountable for its commitments to all stakeholders. Aramex is keen on continuously practicing its citizenship by being an active partner in development and serving its communities and the environment. Aramex supports entrepreneurial initiatives, education and youth empowerment, sports and community organizing developing models as a way to highlight the importance of human capital, citizenship and activism.

Organic Foods and Café is a family run organic supermarket and café that sells fresh organic and biodynamic food, supplements, skincare, cosmetics, baby items and household cleaning products. With several outlets across Dubai,(the Greens community and Dubai Mall) the Organic Foods and Café is the only certified organic outlet in the Middle East and largest supplier of organic products in the world.
At the Organic Foods and Café you can find everything from freshly baked bread to fruit and vegetables. Supplying over 12,000 hormone and chemical free products direct from family run organic farms throughout the world as well as the largest range of gluten free products in the region, the Organic Foods and Café caters to the health conscious and eco conscious consumer. OFC will be announcing the opening of their new shops at Future Green 2012.

“Change starts within yourself” says the chief executive of the Organic Foods & Café chain, Nils el Accad, “If we all just did one things to make a difference together we would make a huge difference. Remember every dirham spent sends resources in that direction” he added.

Tatiana Antonelli Abella, co founder and Managing Director of Goumbook FZ LLC, stressed on the importance of green companies and green initiatives in the UAE making their voices heard: “As Goumbook moves towards becoming a global platform for green and sustainable businesses in the region, we are confident that sustainable practices are not only good for business, but the generations to come will benefit from a cleaner and healthier planet” she added. “We encourage all the UAE residents to visit the Future Green event and learn more about all the different products and services available in the country: Future Green 2012 is the ideal platform for an educated, responsible and receptive audience to meet with local companies and organizations and their sustainable products, services and initiatives”.

Some new companies exhibiting their goods and services are: Smart4Power: Smart4Power is an international energy management company that provides and implements energy saving solutions to their clients. Bambootique: this new trendy store will have a soft launch at the event itself. Eco Laundry: A service provided by Eco Clean Middle EastEcocamel: the company offers you the most invigorating showering experience with water, energy and money savings you’ll find hard to ignore.

Future Green is meant to be an example on how events can minimize their impact on the environment: all the stands will be built in 100% biodegradable and recyclable materials.

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