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In Between Seasons Furniture Care

Summer in Dubai is hot on our heels, so now is the ideal time to dust off your outdoor furniture and spruce it up before the hottest months burn down upon them.

Wood is a natural product and as such, will react to the environment in which it is stored. The appearance of the wood will change as it acclimatizes to being exposed to the atmosphere, never more so than during the summer months here in Dubai. There is a naturally occurring process of protection which the wood undergoes and as it does, it changes to a silver-grey colour, or patina. This patina or silvering is unavoidable. However, the process can be slowed and the original colour of the wood maintained by applying teak oil sparingly, once or twice in the lead up to summer.

Applying teak oil with a lint free cloth will slow the process of weathering and might help to minimise surface cracking. Re-applying teak oil can only be done when the dirt which has built up over the season is completely removed with warm soapy water and a good brush. Once the furniture has dried, you could lightly sand any rough areas if needed. Black areas may appear where the oil and dirt have mixed if the dirt has not been removed prior to application.

In applying teak oil, you ought to pay particular attention to the end grain and to any joints. Any oil which remains on the surface must be removed with a cloth and please make sure that the furniture is fully dry before you use it! We have known people to ruin a lovely set of clothes by sitting on newly oiled furniture!

In hot weather, during summer, cracks may appear in the wood. This is natural and should not worry you. It does not affect the durability of the garden furniture nor the strength of the wood. Cracks will usually close again once the cooler and damper weather returns.

If your furniture is positioned under a tree, you might discover dark spots appearing on the furniture as sap and excretions from aphids fall on its surface. In the sun, the sap will dry and harden. Dousing it in soapy water and then scrubbing it with a hard brush will bring your furniture back to its former glory. Sticky sap can be scraped off and then an application of white spirit can remove any residue. This will help your garden furniture stay looking better for longer.

To recap:
Remove any dirt which has accumulated by rubbing with a stiff brush and warm water.
Scrape any sap off the table with a small knife. You could also use white spirit to remove sap
Dry the furniture completely
Sand rough surfaces
Use teak oil sparingly, applying it with a lint free cloth
Ensure the joints are given extra treatment
Wipe off excess oil
Dry your furniture thoroughly before use
Repeat once twice in the lead up to summer

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