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Organic Fertilizer System EZ-Flo Saves Water

Micro-doses of fertilizer combined with irrigation system cuts water use by 30-50%.

An organic fertilizing system that increases the soil’s water retention abilities in landscaped areas and nourishes plants at the same time is now available in United Arab Emirates, a concept that will bring relief to many householders and businesses concerned about the recently announced hike in water prices.

The UAE’s Supreme Council of Energy approved raising Dubai’s water and electricity charges by around 15% as from January 2011. A fuel surcharge will also be added to Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) bills and will fluctuate according to worldwide energy prices.

“The EZ-FLO system automatically dispenses fertilizer through an irrigation system, feeding tiny amounts directly to the plant every time it is watered,” said James Waters, director of sole distributors Associated Response.

“When using an organic fertilizer the soil’s organic matter develops a uniform network so increasing water retention, a huge factor to consider in our part of the world,” he said. “Automatically feeding micro-doses into the garden means 95% of nutrients are absorbed by plants and is not lost in run-off.” Virtually all leaching stops, and the plants protein intake is maintained at a health steady level so is less susceptible to disease and insect attacks.

“We have partnered a local organic fertilizer firm and will be working together to introduce this unique product in our market. With water shortages looming and water price increases, customers will be looking for cost-saving ways of keeping the landscape green. This micro-dosing means savings on water – after a few months of ‘fertigating’ customers can expect to cut back as much as 30-50% of the water normally used,” said James.

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